PlayStation Pro vs. Xbox One S Ultimate Face-Off: Which Emerged As The Best Among The Two According To Experts?

Mar 06, 2017 12:10 AM EST | Paul Urban

Two of the best gaming consoles are still battling it out to determine which reigns supreme. PlayStation Pro and Xbox One S may soon be overshadowed by gaming consoles to be released anytime this 2017, but these two are still considered widely used and available.

Some even think that comparing both consoles are on the invalid side as both are two different worlds apart. However, since these are the popular offerings from the competing gaming console manufacturers, competition will ensue.

Let the battle begin. According to Tech Radar, Xbox One S output in games is generated by a process called upscaling. This means that the games being played are upscaled to 1080p and then stretched to fill the entire 4K screen.

To make it simple, since there is stretching, images are somehow less crisp and not too sharp. Coming from an original graphical configuration and having it stretched out (when it is not meant to do that) makes the graphics look a little, well, stretched.

PlayStation Pro, however, is not capable of playing in 4K at all times. There are certain games like "Skyrim" which is packed with heady pixel highlights so it doesn't seem too crisp as it should be. Note that this also sometimes the case with Xbox One S. In terms of graphics, it may be considered a draw though PlayStation Pro is smarter in terms of dealing with graphics issues and how it somehow fakes it to look crisper.

For the library, both gaming consoles have excellent exclusives and offer more games and are currently multi-platform. PlayStation Pro boasts of impressive exclusive of its own. Games like "Unchartered 4," "Last of Us," and "Ratchet and Clank" are available on for PS Pro users. Xbox One S, on the other hand, Xbox One S also has its own fair share of exclusives such as "Gears of War," "Forza Horizon 3" have delivered great arcade racing action and are very well received by gamers. In this aspect, it is a draw.

The all important price then comes in the picture. For the price conscious, Xbox One S is considerably cheaper. More often than not, serious gaming enthusiasts are known to spend quite a lot to have the best console there is as it is considered an investment, however, for many, price still is an important factor.

As added by Tom's Guide, for the hardware itself, Xbox One S wins the competition for having more extra ports. Not only that, it can also be plugged into the cable box. This is highly favored as it allows users to continue watching live TV without switching off the console.

Overall, Xbox One S wins in various categories such as Hardware, availability of ports, entertainment, online experience and value for money. However, PlayStation Pro is not to be discounted as it is also considered one of the best consoles available. Xbox One S may have won in terms of acing most of the categories required by serious gaming enthusiasts, but PlayStation Pro is also considered a killer. See what this video has to say about the competition.

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