[VIDEO] Nissan X-Trail 4 Dogs: The Perfect Concept Car For Dog Owners

Mar 03, 2017 12:00 AM EST | Paula


This new concept car from Nissan came from Nissan X-Trail that just release a 2017 version of the car. Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs may be the answer for dog lovers need of a good quality vehicle which will give comfort to drivers and their pets. 

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is reportedly an answer to a survey by the Kennel Club that says that 99.9 percent of dog owners think of their dogs as part of their family. For this, the pet-friendly car manufacturer modified the car in order to make a dog-friendly car.

Telegraph reported that it has a 440-liter plush upholstery and a two-way dog cam that allows owners and pets to see each other on screen. This gives the power to drivers to put their no-spill water and food dispensers on the back of their Nissan X-Trail.

The boot floor also has space for dog-washer which allows users to optimize their rear compartments and drive in a less chaotic environment. Top Gear reported that the car has a dog ramp that allows dogs to go inside the car without muddying the floors. This ramp can also be easily kept beneath the boot floor.

This might still be a concept car but it still represents the future of canine transportation. Chief Marketing Manager Ryan Gains explained that dogs are a vital part of a dog owner's life.

Gains explained that it is important for pet owners that their pet's needs are catered well. They want this without compromising the comfort of their children.

Ryan Gains noted that the Nissan X-Trail is built for family adventures. He believes that the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs will pit the brand into a whole new level.

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