Honda Clarity Only Has 80 Miles Of Range In A Single Charge

Feb 28, 2017 09:40 AM EST | Paula

Honda Clarity, an electric model car that will be launched in spring, will only have 80 miles of range in one charge. This range sets Honda behind other battery-electric vehicles on the market including Chevrolet Bolt's 238-mile range.

This seems to be a problem with Honda who wants to build a solid brand image with their Clarity line. Automotive News reported that failure is not on its engineering but with their choices.

Honda explained that there are two non-negotiable parts of their design, which are its plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cells. Vice President of Environment Development, Steve Center, explained that the company is known for its affordability.

He explained that their customers will not be able to afford the car if they gave them an expensive car. The effects of this risky move from Honda still remains to be seen.

This change can actually be alluded to the pressures of the California government and other states to have the electric vehicle. To date, there has been no influx of buyers on consumers, Autoweek reported.

"To some degree, it's all white space and the market is going to spend the next several years figuring it out and where people want to buy in the spectrum of size and range," IHS Markit senior analyst Stephanie Brinley explained. "You just need to get it out there and see how people react." 

Honda explained that Honda Clarity allows its buyers to choose what kind of electrification they would want to have, Auto World News reported that this car uses compressed hydrogen.

It also has an onboard fuel cell converter that allows hydrogen to be converted to electricity. The car functions as a regular EV but wireless car.

Honda Clarity is absolutely eco-friendly with its fuel cell coming from water. To date, there has been no official date on when this car will be launched in the market.

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