Economy Pickup Trucks and Cars Update: Ford, Jeep and Honda’s Top Choice For High Income Earners

Feb 22, 2017 08:30 AM EST | Hannah Jill


Economy Pickup Trucks and cars are making a comeback as the high-income earners prefer Fords, Jeeps and Hondas instead of some luxury cars for practicality and no-nonsense values. MaritzCX conducted a study that showed that the fast-moving vehicles sold in 2016 for the rich were mainly Fords, Jeeps and surprisingly, the lowly Honda Civic.

According to USA Today, the results of the study was a far cry from purchase habits of the wealthy a decade ago, said MaritzCX Senior Director for Global Syndication Shawn St. Clair. He said the shift happened when the high-income earners moved from purchasing luxury brands like Ferraris or Porsches to the more practical pickup trucks, SUVs and cars.

St. Clair mentioned that the Pick-up trucks similar features with the luxury cars and wealthy owners' preference for dependable cars influence the buying behavior of high-income earners. At the same time, with the broad range of models, it would be easy for the interested buyers to choose which car they like.

Also, leading the list of dependable pickup trucks is the Ford F-150, which is also the most popular car in the US right now. Its 3.5 liter, V6 engine is best for towing. It also has a 385 hp and a top speed of 106 mph, according to Car and Driver. With a starting price of USD26,700, it is definitely economical in fuel and has a high payload capacity, reported Edmunds.

Following the top pickup truck is the Jeep Cherokee, touted by Edmunds as a great compact SUV crossover. It is highly useful in both off-road and dirt track capabilities. Finally, the lowly Honda Civic is the perennial favorite economy car, following the Toyota Camry as the second bestselling car in the US last year. Even St. Clair is perplexed as to why it is so popular.


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