Red Flags To Look For When Buying A Used Car

Feb 18, 2017 10:09 AM EST | Mark Navarro

A used car could provide the same function as a new car could but there are some red flags that need to be kept in mind. A used car comes at a better price, can choose a variety of models and also avoid new car fees.

According to Quora, one advice they present is to never buy a car without a pre-buy inspection. It is not always the oil leaks or the tires showing signs of cracking due to age, but the worst-case scenario is when the electronic system malfunctions.

The engine has a diagnostic port that will spit out parts that the car is not accustomed to. Sellers could delete the memory of a car and sell it with an unblemished exterior. This would cause a nightmare in the long run as defects would start to show up. It is best to get an expert to check every part of the car is functioning well.

Furthermore, Autoblog writes that buying a used car at a dealership can be intimidating and would need to keep in mind a few things. "MVA" or Market Value Adjustment is another way a dealer tacks on additional profit to his vehicle by adding extra charges that the sticker presents. 

"ADM" or Adjusted Dealer Markup is also another way a seller could blatantly price his automobile by charging customized parts to the value of the car. Make sure before you buy a vehicle that the title is clean.  Carfax is an electronic database with the entire vehicle transactions collected worldwide.

Lastly, a mechanic should check obvious defects.  Do not be phased with the exterior and overlooked the engine or its parts. It is best to have a dealer or technician to check it as well.  Keep in mind that mechanical repairs are often cheaper and easier to remedy than a bad interior or paint.

A new car does not come cheap, while a used car could still provide its function on a daily basis that a new car could, there are still red flags that buyers need to be aware of. Overall, using the used car with good conditions would enable owners to save in the long run and buy a new car in the end. Make sure to keep those red flags in mind as paying for the damages and repairs of a used car would not help you save but actually spend a lot more than expected. 

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