‘Clash Royale’ Tips: Strategy For Elixir/Card Counting & Card Rotation

Feb 10, 2017 05:38 AM EST | Lasitha

"Clash Royale" has been one of the hot favorite picks for gamers ever since the game has been launched. The competitiveness in the game has also increased multifold. The players of the game have come up with strategies so that they can excel in the game. However, there seem to be few people who have it all sorted out and just know the way in which they win every battle and every challenge.

It is always good to have a little help in playing the game. Here is a list of two important tips and tricks to make playing "Clash Royale" easy and to gain absolute control over the game. This list is compiled by taking in the strategies of gamers who have mastered and excelled in the game.

Elixir Counting Tips. If a player wants to progress above 4600 trophies, Elixir is of great importance. It is always a good idea to keep a running count of how much more elixir you have than your opponent. To begin with, the opponent might most probably start to gather 10 elixir before dropping cards on the map. It is better to always count if you are at an elixir advantage or disadvantage than the opponent, reported MOE Sport.

This can be counted like this, a running count of the elixir advantage or disadvantage can be kept tracked on. For example, if you drop a Giant and Bowler push, your opponent counters with a Cannon and a Minion Horde, and then you drop a Zap, the mental count would look like this: -5, -5, +3, +5, -2.

This is like knowing the opponent's strengths or weaknesses and making a strategy and focusing on good trades based on the data. Knowing the opponent's elixir count will always tell you at what advantage or disadvantage they are in.

Tips for Tracking Card Rotation. Card rotation that happens in "Clash Royale" happens in a cycle. During card rotation, it is very important to counter the cards of the opponents and this is the best strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the game. It also ensures that the players get a good push. It is important for a player to get into the right cycle. Also, this helps the player to attach the opponent effectively. The most important thing that has to be remembered during card rotation is that the opponent needs to play exactly four cards to cycle back to something that they dropped, reported Reddit.

The tip for this part of the game is to memorize the cycle of cards that the opponent has. This should be done at the beginning of the match. The player has to memorize the moves and pay more attention to the pushes that the opponent uses. It is extremely important to keep an eye on their win conditions too. This will help build effective counters that can be used against the opponent during the game.

Just in case the player is not able to counter the opponent during the first push, they have to adjust the rotation so it creates an optimum situation for winning the game. The player needs to keep a counter ready and use it only when the opponent plays the card which the player wants to defend.

In case you are successful in making the opponent use all the counters to your push, they will end up spending a lot of elixir to just cycle back to their counters. The idea is to make sure that the opponent does not have the right cards to play at the right time. Initially, you might get a little hit to ensure that the game is set in this fashion. But ultimately, it will benefit immensely.

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