Playstation 4 LATEST NEWS: New And Latest Support Finally Available After Many Years! See Other Exciting Updates Here

Feb 10, 2017 05:30 AM EST | Paul Urban

Playstation 4 owners are extremely excited to finally have the external hard drive support they have been clamoring since 2013. This official news definitely made more fans out of the device. To keep things even more exciting, other updates are also available for Playstation 4 users.

According to Express UK, Sony has officially announced that external HDD support will be available for PS4 users. There is definitely no need to struggle to find space for all the games that users want to play. They can now connect a USB 3.0 external HDD. This is for the purpose of installing games, apps, and other add-ons directly onto the removable HDD.

The external HDD will be part of update 4.50 which is currently in beta form. Now, users are able to enjoy an unlimited number of games to be stored. No need to worry about the lack of space especially that there are so many currently available and definitely more to come for the enjoyment of Playstation 4 users.

Users are also able to move any games and apps already saved to have it more organized. Everything will be accessible from PS4 Home Screen as normal. The supported external HDD is up to 8TB in size. That is huge storage imaginable, there will always be space for almost anything and everything. Playing all the games desired will be limitless as the size is monumental.

More exciting news is available as Fallout 4's latest update is out on Playstation 4 according to Push Square. It only is 461MB, the patch 1.14 brings PS4 Pro to Bethesda's popular role-playing release. It is expected to have better and increased resolution, improved draw distance, less pop-in, and definitely enhanced lighting. The updated version also features shorter load times.

Certainly, these Playstation 4 updates probably could be the most exciting news for its users. Since 2013, many have been requesting for the external HDD support and after waiting, it is finally available. This is just the beginning of many updates for PS4 users. It is indeed true when it rains, it pours for users. Stay tuned for more PS4 updates available soon.

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