Fitbit Blaze: Wearable Fitness Tracker With PurePulse Heart Feature

Feb 06, 2017 08:53 AM EST | Hem Cervantes

The Fitbit Blaze is a wellness watch, which suits for every fitness activities and it comes with a stylish designed. It is first real endeavor at making an everyday watch, which is a fitness tracker and a smartwatch at the same time.

The Blaze has breakthrough features, which includes PurePulse Heart rate, on-screen workouts, smartphone notifications, color touchscreen and a multi-sport tracking with connected GPS. It also comes with all-day activity and sleeps monitoring system. It can play and control music. It also sets reminders to perform an exercise or workout.

The PurePulse Heart rate helps elevate workouts with consistent heart rate and improved zones. The benefits of the smartwatch help reach weight goals by showing signs of improvement calorie-burn following throughout the day and during the workout.

It can also optimize exercises by utilizing constant heart rate zones all through the workouts. The smartwatch can also monitor what kind of cardio fitness which suits the heart and the body. It helps by relaxing guided breathing sessions based on the heart rate.

Burning calories is the main goal of the Fitbit Blaze. It monitors the weight goals. It tracks losing, gaining and maintaining weight by measuring how hard the heart is working and calculates the total calories burned all day and during the workout.

The smartwatch maintains the right intensity of finding information about optimizing exercise time zones. It monitors the summary and views the time in each zone, which helps to avoid overtraining. It also calculates information to follow improvements over time, which helps to boost the basic endurance and teaches the body to use body fat as fuel.

It features a guided breathing sessions, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also monitor blood pressure and give personalized breathing sessions based on the heart rate to lower blood pressure throughout the day and workouts.

The Fitbit Blaze has a green LED lights which reflect off the skin to detect the change in blood flow. It also uses ultra low-power battery technologies, which ensures the watch to get longer battery life even with continuous heart rate readings.


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