Microsoft Improving Dashboard And Overhaul Feature Guide of Xbox One Snap Mode

Jan 29, 2017 12:48 AM EST | Hem Cervantes

Microsoft introduced its Xbox One Snap Mode as a multitasking function which allows users to run on one of the several supported apps alongside with the mainstream activities. Recently, the company revealed to remove the platform for its memory usage issues.

This includes the music player, which now resides at the bottom part of the guide. As for the ability to snap the achievements tracker while playing games, there is now a dedicated picture in picture style overlay for that.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has announced on Twitter that the next Xbox One OS update will remove the popular Snap Mode for lowering memory usage.The update included an improved dashboard along with an overhaul guide feature which focuses the overall performance of the Xbox one dashboard.  It will also improve speed and more resources will be free for bigger things.

The multitasking feature will be available as per Microsoft's official suggestion. The console dashboard is also getting a few changes. The whole mission heer is to enhance console performance.

The modification could be in full throttle as Microsoft recently announced it on their Xbox website that they are starting to test a brand new dashboard for Xbox One. The company already shipped the first wave of the new Xbox One features for the creator's  update.

Some reports speculated that Microsoft is also working on a special mode for Xbox One. This will enable games to run simultaneously with universal apps. Additionally, gamers will instantly feel much faster Xbox One like never before especially in the connection process with the games and applications.

On the other hand, Microsoft is waking up to the overwhelming need for better performance. The dashboard has to improve together with the multitasking. The overall goal for the update is to simplify the UI and improve overall performance. Moreover, the company seems to add hundreds of improvements which envision for achieving perfect for Xbox One platform. 


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