Apple iPhone 8 Release Date May Be Different From Usual; Changed From Glass To Forged Steel For Wireless Charging Capabilities

Jan 17, 2017 06:20 AM EST | Paul Urban

The Apple iPhone 8 has been most talked about and highly anticipated for many reasons. With this, a good number of speculations made rounds online for its alleged release date and features. Though nothing has been made official, updates and developments have been released to tease the eager fanatic to wait in even more anticipation.

One of the recent update according to Forbes is that the chassis of the soon-to-be-released Apple iPhone 8 will be made of forged steel. This is definitely something different compared to previous iPhone models released in the market. Not only will the design make the phone practically indestructible, it also makes for a classy and elegant design.

This decision also is reported to allow for the possibility of hassle-free wireless charging. The metal back plates inhibit electromagnetic induction. The previous reports stating that the Apple iPhone 8 will be made of glass won't make wireless charging any easier. The forged steel is step-up as there is also science and technology behind it.


It is also reported that the next iPhone will also be coming with wireless charger as part of the package. A good number of leaks have somehow suggested that it is highly possible making the new phone a cut above the rest as no other smartphone manufacturers have ever done it before.

One of the most talked about and controversial topic relating to the Apple iPhone 8 is its official release. According to Mirror UK, Apple is known to release their new iPhone models between the months of September and October. This is strategic in terms of buying behaviors of iPhone and Apple fanatics, it being the season closest to Christmas when sales are believed to the highest.

However, since this is a special edition of iPhone, it being the 10th Anniversary edition, the release date may entirely be different from the usual. This is part of the whole idea of making this specific model definitely different from its predecessors.

One thing is for sure, Apple iPhone 8's release will be the biggest the world will ever see. iPhone fanatics and even the non-supporters are sure to end in line outside Apple stores worldwide aiming to be the first owners of the highly coveted smartphone. Nothing has been made official yet, and already it is one of the most talked about. Imagine how it's like on its actual release date.

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