Fun and Entertaining Icaros VR Flight Kit For the Superman Wannabes

Jan 16, 2017 03:28 PM EST | Hannah Jill Jose


Get ready for a one of a kind experience as this new VR Simulator lets users fly out in space and other virtual worlds. All this happens while having their arms and legs strapped to a machine - this will surely make anyone feel like Superman or Iron Man throughout the flight.

The CES 2017 held in Las Vegas unveiled one of the newest and high-tech VR that will give riders an awesome experience. It comes with a Samsung VR headset. You do have an option to use it with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. First, users will need to strap the headset on their face while laying down on a machine and spreading their arms wide. Then, Icaros will move in different directions for users to feel like they are part of the video they are watching.

Icaros, is said to veer video gaming away from being just a "sedentary activity." This is because players or users will have the ability to shift their weight and make movements around its frame while watching the simulation. It provides a work-out as they perform skydiving using virtual reality.

According to Michael Schmidt, the Icaros is something that helps people to be motivated into performing exercises easier at the same time fulfilling their dreams of flying. He said that the VR at the moment is used in gyms, hotels, entertainment areas and even for personal use.

But aside from the Icaros, another VR system was also present during the CES convention which is called the Hypersuit. Just like the Icaros, it has the same concept and usage, however, the creators said that it is just a prototype device and unlikely be on sale anytime.

While the world of VR is continuously evolving, these new and high-tech simulators are something that people should be on the look-out for. It will not only provide entertainment but it will also develop different skills such as skydiving or flying an airplane without the risks of being physically present doing such activities. 

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