'Project Neon' To Change The Way Windows 10 Looks

Jan 13, 2017 07:10 PM EST | JP Olvido


US tech giant Microsoft is looking to update its Windows 10 operating system with a new design and look. Speculations suggest that this project attempt at updating Windows 10 is called 'Project Neon'.

Microsoft Windows 10 and 'Project Neon'. Reports claim that Microsoft is planning to give its Windows 10 operating system a refreshing new look. Allegedly, the change is to come sometime within this year.

Dubbed 'Project Neon', the change will focus heavily on animation, minimalistic designs, and consistency. Project Neon is not a complete overhaul of the Windows 10 operation system. It is just an update concentrating on aesthetics and minor performance tweaks. Essentially, Project Neon aims to bring back the transparency which we had with Window's 7 Aero Glass and mix it up with animations from Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Probably the biggest thing about Project Neon is a new component to the Windows 10 design called 'Acrylic'. Acrylic aims to enable developers to customize the design of universal apps.

Project Neon will focus a lot of its effort on 3D and HoloLens interactions. Concepts show that hovering over a menu item or element will enable the backdrop to feel like a natural interaction. The background color will presumably follow your mouse's pointer or your gaze on HoloLens.

Interestingly, Microsoft's Groove Music app already has some of the UI elements that Project Neon will supposedly bring. The UI elements are visible if you are running on Windows 10's latest Insider Preview builds.

Animations on the Windows 10 user interface are stupendously smooth as seen on concept videos. Since these tweaks haven't been confirmed or are still in development, we should expect the actual result to differ, for better or worse.

Microsoft will be conducting a conference for build developers in May of this year. It is speculated that Project Neon will be officially announced then.

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