Windows 10 To Have New Updates on March; Satellite Broadband & Pay-Per-Use Bandwidth Will Only Have Necessary Updates

Mar 20, 2017 10:20 AM EDT | Paula

Microsoft users will have no choice on its updates because Windows 10 will just automatically have an update whether users like it or not. Thankfully, Windows 10 will only add necessary updates on computers that have satellite broadband and pay-per-use bandwidth.

This is required to have a smooth Windows program usage. Microsoft is updating its system to avoid large patches and fix critical issues on its system.

However, this is not a problem for people who has an unlimited service plan. This might pose an issue to people using satellite broadband and pay-per-use bandwidth because they might end up being charged on data usage they never planned on using, reported Engadget.

To answer this, the company assured the public that it will automatically install updates except for computers that have satellite broadband and pay-per-use bandwidth. Windows will only download updates that are required to keep Windows 10 running smoothly.

The company also added that they have no plans on sending large updates on their customers who have limited connections. Microsoft is just going to add updates that can fix critical issues in the future, Express reported.

It could be remembered that last year, Microsoft was forced to pay a user who had enough of the updates on her Windows 10 program. It had to pay $10,000 to Teri Goldstein, a Microsoft user, who complained a slower and unreliable computer after upgrading to Windows 10.

Before the upgrade, Goldstein explained that she has never heard of the program update. She explained that she was never asked if she wanted it in the first place.

The Windows 10 upgrade will include VR support and better X-box integration. There is also an additional feature called Windows MyPeople, allowing users to share photos and documents without the help of apps. Microsoft will also have playable ads in the new feature, allowing users to try apps before installing them.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft will allow paused download for people with satellite broadband and pay-per-use bandwidth. These updates will happen sometime this March.

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