Rinspeed Concept Car: Self-Driving Electric Vehicle 'Oasis', Intelligent Vehicle Solution

Jan 09, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Hem Cervantes


Harman's will unveil its newest Rinspeed concept vehicle, Oasis at the 2017 Customer Electronic Show (CES). Rinspeed is a self-driving electric vehicle which has a series of reinvention of distinct mode that the user will experience upon driving by reflecting consumer lifestyle and improving the autonomous car.

This concept vehicle offers a glimpse of the future of autonomous driving and how advanced the vehicle intelligence could transform one's driving experience. The Rinspeed is equipped with Harman LIVS technologies to provide drivers intelligent, adaptable and personal solutions in the car.

Oasis passengers can communicate using the system by voice, hand gestures and physical or touch control or a combination these technologies depending on the passenger's preferences. The passengers could also exchange and share interesting news on social media channels by using swiping gestures.

It comes with a curved 5K widescreen display with voice and gesture control.  The vehicle also appears with a heads-up display to provide guidance when the driver will make a turn and when the driver is behind the wheel.

The concept vehicle also offers a little innovative feature such as retractable air vents and spinning seats to make it easier to exit.  The steering wheel can be folded down when the car is in manual mode and has a built in keyboard with cupboards.

In the event that the vehicle battery runs low, it will pull over and wait for robots that carry an extra battery pack. The method of changing the battery packs to the car instead of looking for a charging station is quite stunning.

The Oasis also integrates augmented and virtual reality application to its navigation system and is equipped with its own virtual assistant. Some additional features are added like rental, vehicle-share and ride sharing options that can turn every ride into an authentic social experience.

This concept vehicle combines everything that technology could offer to improve the riding and driving experience. Rinspeed may just give the customer a preview of the future of automobile technology.


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