Nintendo NES Classic Edition Hack: How To Unlock Mini NES Via USB To Play More Than 30 Nintendo Games

Jan 08, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Luna C

The retro console Nintendo NES Classic Edition has captured the hearts of 80s gamers and young retro enthusiasts alike. The retro console is almost perfect but it has a couple of minor flaws. One is that it has only a limited number of games and second: it has a short controller wire.

The Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition's short wire issue can be dealt with by availing third party controllers such as wired controllers with longer cables and via wireless solutions. The solution to expand its small game library can be done via a hack and at this point, it is important to note that if one would attempt to do so, he should do it at his own risk.

Retro games can easily be simulated via emulators and ROMs but this has to be done on other devices such as PCs. A similar approach can be done with the Nintendo NES Classic edition. Ars Technica has discovered a Reddit post, here a comment has been posted with a link for a tool to hack the Mini NES Classic Edition. The said hack allows users to play NES games in a form of ROM emulation.

A bit of a warning for the readers as there are ways to legally and illegally play ROMs with emulators. With that said, those who would want to try to unlock NES Classic Editions into playing ROMs should know that there is no official word that Nintendo would allow it. The gaming giant is known for being notorious in taking down unlicensed activities when it comes to their intellectual properties.

How to Unlock the Nintendo NES Classic Edition?

For starters, a save file needs to be created under the first save slot of Super Mario Bros. Everyone should have done this unless the Nintendo NES Classic Edition just came out of its box. Next step would be to connect the retro gaming console to a computer via a micro-USB cable.

The next step needs a little more focus as it requires booting the NES Classic Edition in FEL mode - a Linux boot level mode. This can be done by pressing and holding the power button and then followed by holding the reset button while the device is off. While the buttons are being held, someone else (preferably) needs to execute the sunxi-Fel interface on the computer, a download link is provided on the name itself.

At this point, the concept would be deleting and reinstalling files to the Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition which is why it is recommended to watch the video below for precise instructions. For those who need to dig deeper, the source of this Nintendo NES Classic Edition trick came from a Russian website which needs translation.

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