AMD Ryzen Soars High, Expected To Be CES 2017's Gem; Intel Kaby Lake Still Has Many Mysteries

Jan 04, 2017 06:10 AM EST | Luna C


If one wishes to go all of the tech exhibits on CES 2017, the whole duration of the event will not be enough. That is why before going to one, it is advised to plan ahead, or else, one will find himself lost in the vast jungle of the latest technology trends.

CES 2017: AMD Ryzen To Clash with Intel Kaby Lake

AMD aims to regain their glory days via the launching of its Ryzen processor and it seems that they might have a shot at it. This is according to market experts as posted at AMD Ryzen specifications and price may already be publicized but confirmation will not push through until it is officially revealed at CES 2017.

AMD fans and non-users alike are expecting to have official details of their newest "arsenal" unveiled. The post on PC World also suggests that experts and analysts would not doubt that AMD will be one of the companies to shine at CES 2017. Everyone will be expecting AMD Ryzen price, release date, and specifications to be unveiled on the said event.

It is also anticipated that a renewed clash between PC giants Intel and AMD will commence on CES 2017. This is driven by the prolonged bets between the two camps and this year, AMD has a shot at getting the title back of being king of processors with its up and coming AMD Ryzen processor. However, Intel also has its "weapon" called Intel Kaby Lake and people are excited for both companies to battle it out during the CES 2017 exhibition.

CES 2017: Intel Kaby Lake Still Has Many Mysteries Unveiled

Intel Kaby Lake was rolled out in 2016, this would mean that quad and octa-core versions are on their way, speculatively - though not surprising. If AMD puts its best foot forward with the Ryzen, it would be logical for Intel to create versions of the Kaby Lake which has more cores.

On top of that, the post at also reveals that there have been unauthorized reviews for the said upgraded Intel Kaby Lake processors. The only mysteries needed solving now is that how much would a quad-core Kaby Lake cost and will it compete with AMD's super low prices processors. Will AMD Ryzen defeat Intel Kaby Lake?

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