Tesla Model S Upgrades Are The Best Holiday Gift You Could Give Yourself This Christmas

Dec 12, 2016 06:25 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

Give your Tesla Model S some kind of loving this Christmas and give it these updates that will make it a much stronger electric vehicle. Check out the 8 upgrades you can get for your Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Autonomous Equipment

The enhanced version of Tesla Autopilot rises from one to four cameras that collect information for greater accuracy and to see vehicles approaching from the adjacent lanes. It also has 12 ultrasonic sonar sensors that cover 360 degrees around the Tesl Model S.

Tesla Model S Autopilot Improved

The information for the updated Tesla Model S Autonomous equipment will then be processed at the new autopilot software. The sensor information is processed with 40 times more power than the previous computer. Thus, the Tesla Model S adjusts its speed in response to traffic conditions and will remain in your lane, move from a highway to another, take the exit corresponding and stationed a 100% autonomous.

Tesla Model S Premium Package

The Tesla Model S premium package includes awesome interior and exterior upgrades such as HEPA air filtration system, two filters air purification activated carbon, ventilated front seats, dynamic LED lights rotating three positions for night visibility, fog lights LED, armrest, steering wheel and a leather bottom board to match the seats.

Tesla Model S Suspension Air Intelligent

This upgrade will let one adjust the ride height depending on the type of driving. You can also reduce the distance by simply pressing the touch screen at a standstil.

Tesla Model S Weather Proof

This upgrade will improve comfort and convenience in cold climates as it includes heated seats for all seats, steering wheel heating, melting and heating windshield wiper nozzle, according to Teslarati.

Tesla Model S Sound System

With larger ampliers, a subwoofer and 12 speakers with neodymium magnets, this Tesla Model S upgrade is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself.

Tesla Model S Rearward-facing Seats

This upgrade allows extra traveling space inside the Tesla Model S. The rear seats are approved for children traveling looking back. When they are not in use they can be folded at ground level.

Tesla Model S High Power Charger

Last but not the least, the Tesla Model S comes standard with an on-board charger that recharges 11 KW up to 54 kms per hour autonomously connection. It's enough to recharge the car overnight, either with the Tesla connector or the laptop connector. But this upgrade gives the Model S a 16.5 KW charger per hour autonomy raises the load to 81 kms .

The Model S has a starting price of around $68,000 depending on the model you will choose at Tesla, but if you install the 8 extras mentioned above, the Tesla Model S price can rise up to $120,000 again depending on the model. If you have the money this Christmas, then why not get these upgrades and make your Tesla Model S the envy of the whole neighborhood.

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