Leaking Oil Color and Smell Can Signal Where the Problem Is Coming From; Be Watchful of Oil Puddle Under the Car Video

Dec 09, 2016 05:44 AM EST | Leonora

Leaking oil that collects under a car when it is parked overnight may signal engine problems that can get serious if neglected. Car owners who want their car to be in top condition at all times can find out where the oil is coming from by observing its color and smell. Cars run on oil and when a huge amount leaks, the car might stall in the middle of a busy road, causing traffic congestion that can be annoying to everyone on the road.

The color and smell of leaking oil can tell where it is coming from and how the problem can be fixed. To find out where the leak is coming from, the best thing to do is to clean the engine thoroughly and watch for fresh oil appearing. Leaking oil at that is pink or reddish may indicate a problem with the steering wheel fluid, according to Autoblog.

A leak found near the top of the engine may signal damaged valve cover gasket or a worn pipe that connects to the crankcase. If the leaking oil has its source near the middle of the engine, the problem might be the head gasket. Replacing the gasket will help stop the leaking oil so that the engine of the car will not be damaged due to lack of oil, according to AboutAutos.

Leaking oil from a car can increase maintenance costs due to the need to add oil frequently. If the amount of oil that leaks is more than usual, it could pollute the environment and cause damage to the engine in the long run, according to FMP Motor Factors. With expensive engine parts, replacing damaged ones can be costly.

To avoid high maintenance costs and to keep the car safe while on the road, fixing leaking oil sources is highly advised.

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