Next Generation Toyota 86 2019 Debut Confirmed! Convertible Still Not An Option

Dec 08, 2016 07:03 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe


Next generation Toyota 86 2019 debut is now confirmed in an interview with head of Toyota European division, Karl Schlicht. The Release date is expected to be on later 2018 or early 2019 where Toyota is expected to continue their partnership with Subaru which tells us that the Subaru BRZ update will be coming soon as well. Unfortunately, a Toyota 86 2019 convertible variant is still out of the equation.

Recall that the current generation of the Toyota 86 and the GT86 together with their brother Subaru BRZ reached dealerships around the year 2012. Since then, and after the passage of nearly half a decade, much has been talking and hoping about the developing of a new generation. Now it has been confirmed that a Toyota 86 2019 will be a reality.

The Toyota 86 2019 is said to be at the at the planning stage according to AutoEvolution. Once decide, Toyota will select a senior engineer and will get to work. In any case, the Toyota 86 2019 is said to be a sure go as it serve a great purpose to the brand as it is one of their main sports cars and Toyota would want to leave the segment just yet.

Although Schlicht has not gone much into details, he made it that clear on Toyota's interest to continue in "the business of sports". Thus the Toyota 86 2019 and the new Toyota Supra with hybridation is on the table. However, to distinguish the Toyota 86 2019 further with the Supra, a convertible version wouldnt be possible.

The next-gen Supra is expected to come in coupe and convertible/targa top flavors. This is why Toyota has no interest in chopping off the roof of the Toyota 86 2019 and believe that there are so many other priorities to consider rather than the convertible version.

Recall that current Toyota 86 uses a 2.0 - liter boxer four - cylinder engine with 200 hp and yielding 205 Nm. The said engine may be associated with both a manual gearbox and an autoamtic and is a rear wheel drive. The Toyota 86 2019 is expected to be more powerful but will be one step below the Supra both in performance and price according to Carthrottle.

Now the question is, is it worth waiting for the Toyota 86 2019? or settle with the already available Mazda MX-5 Miata?

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