CONFIRMED: Old Formula One Cars No Longer On Sale, Ferrari F138 F1 Car Still AVAILABLE Until All Units Are Sold

Dec 01, 2016 03:04 AM EST | Jessie Valenzuela

Ferrari gets most of its hardcore buyers from Formula 1 racers, who have been patronizing Ferrari because of the quality it produces when it comes to race cars.

Meanwhile, Formula 1 --- a Clienti program --- aids in selecting a cluster of buyers to generate sales, as well as assists on the technical troubleshooting aspect for owners who purchased Ferrari F1 cars long before the program has even started.

Is it true that F1 Clienti or Formula One cars will no longer be offered to the buying public?

Your guesses are as good as mine. Ferrari is thinking of putting an end to the retired Formula One race cars in the market. According to a blog post on INTERNATIONAL NEWS LIVE, customers that will most likely be affected with this decision are those enrolled under the company's F1 Clienti program.

The complexity of newer F1 race car models primarily contributed to Ferrari halting its sales on this variant --- a confirmation made by Marc Gené, an F1 test driver, in one of his recent interviews at the new Ferrari World theme park in Barcelona, Spain.  

As a refresher, the company started offering Ferrari Formula One race cars in 2003. However, Gené said that Ferrari decided to put it to an end --- with the Ferrari F138 F1 car being the last one of its kind existing for sale. The said model was seen first in 2013's F1 race season.  

The struggle of maintaining F1 cars also contributed to this verdict, especially the ones used in 2014, 2015 and 2016's Formula One race seasons --- another statement confirmed by Gené at the new Ferrari World theme park in Barcelona. The Ferrari F138 used during the 2013 season will be the last F1 car to be offered for sale, Digital Trends reported.

Prices going up will be expected as the number of Ferrari F138 cars available in the market will eventually be fully consumed. Meanwhile, Ferrari ensures that only cars produced two years back until now will be offered --- strategically protecting Ferrari's blueprint for such car variants against its competitors. 

Sad, but true!

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