Ford Recall: Safety Features Of Models Defective, Which Ones Are Affected?

Nov 02, 2016 11:13 AM EDT | Leian N.


Defective controls of Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus vehicles have been reported by numerous customers. Because of these reports, Transport Canada has lodged an investigation regarding the models and may have imposed another Ford recall on certain models.

Last February 2016, a defective investigation was launched by the federal department of Canada when 128 customers of Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus had filed transmission issue reports for 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta vehicles along with 2012-2016 Ford Focus units, according to CBC News.

Customer Reviews

Jordan Bonaparte, a purchaser of these units, claimed that the models were safe to drive on the road. According to him, his Ford Focus would suddenly jerk forward or stop suddenly while driving. He was driving an automatic transmission model wherein the shift with a park, reverse, neutral, and driver options were automated and did the work of the shifting and clutch gears.

Bonaparte claimed that he had been asking for a rental service for three years for his third transmission replacement. In fact, other clients claimed that the discount purchase for the vehicles was not afforded by the company. Does this situation call for a Ford recall yet again?

Other Defective Vehicles

In other news, it was revealed that 579 of the Ford Mondeo were also reported to be defective, particularly those that were created during 2014 through 2015. The said defects were related to the adaptive LED headlights which shut off and on involuntarily, according to Car Advice.

Similar to the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta models, the said defect was also deemed of a software error. In fact, the Headlight Control Module was said to cause the LED headlights to turn off unexpectedly.

At present, the company suggested that the users to turn the hazard warning lights on and pull over when the problem occurred for the Ford Mondeo and that there has been no official Ford recall remedy announced. However, with the prevailing unit problems, will such be imposed?

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