10 Keys Why Ford Mustang Is The Best-Selling Sports Car

Nov 02, 2016 05:40 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

The new generation of Ford Mustang is par excellence and is doing well in the global market. In the US, it's main market, its monthly figures usually are in five digits. In Spain, it leads the 2016 sports car sales and it remains in first place every month since its launch in July 2015. In the UK it sold like hotcakes, in Germany it has beaten the Porsche 911 and in Australia, it exhausted all production until 2017.

But what is the reason for this success? Why is Ford Mustang the best selling sports car of today? Here are 10 keys or reasons to understand why.

Power At A Good Price

It is clear that people love powerful cars but we always like to have an affordable one too. The Mustang offers one of the best ratios between power and price, if not the best in the market. For around $42,000 the Ecoboost Mustang Fastback with bodywork and 314 hp power can be bought and up around $10,000 and you can already get a Mustang GT equipped with the five-liter V8 and 418 hp. What sports car can offer that power for just that price?

Attractive Design

Although tastes are subjective, there are times when something is beautiful unanimously and is the case with the Mustang. With its long hood, a stylized line and an aggressive and sporty design without falling into radicalism, the Mustang look is one of the best in the industry, even the Camaro can't beat it, according to the DailySunKnowville.

Icon In The Automotive World

Throughout history, there have been several cars that have left their mark for posterity: from the tricycle Benz in the nineteenth century, following the Ford Model pioneer T in the manufacturing chain mass and passing the Beetle 2 CV or the Land Rover Series I. If we talk about sports, the Mustang was a pioneer in the 60s in a concept car and since there are now six generations that have made the Mustang one of the sagas Ford longest-living. the Mustang is a model but also a culture, a motoring icon that has been renovated from time to time.

Growing Market

For years, the European market envies the US for literally hoarding the Mustang. This year, the drought is over as Mustang still grows its market reach to increase their global sales, according to the StokeSentinel.

Sports Car Without Leaving Aside Practicality

How many sports car have subsequently been labeled as highly impractical? The Mustang is a sporty 2+2-seater that while the two rear do not harbor two adults comfortably, it can accommodate at least one or two short people. Another aspect essential in the day to day is the trunk and the Mustang has one of 408 liters in the body Fastback and 332 in the Convertible while the two rows of seats remain available. Also, forget complicated contortions: entering and exiting the Mustang is as comfortable maneuver like any other ordinary car.

Even Santa Claus Drives One

No, seriously, since it is almost Christmas season, we included this in our list. In 1965 Santa Claus made his Christmas campaign gift-giving aboard a Mustang Convertible. We all know that Santa Claus can not be wrong and if you ask for a Ford Mustang this Christmas, you may just get it.

Famous In Movies

Both the small and the big screen are full Mustang appearance. In fact, the IMDB database provides 6000 results if you type in Mustang. It had appeared in movies such as Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds, Eleanor and more.

Buy It At Any Official Ford Dealer

Unlike any other sports cars of other brands, a Mustang can easily be ordered at any official dealer network of Ford. Although there is a special dedicated network of Ford Store for models such as the Mustang, Focus RS and Vignale, you can go to any Ford dealers and order one immediately, no discrimination at Ford.

It Is A Classic With Future Potential

The Ford Mustang of the 60s and 70s still influenced the new generation of Pony cars. Yet it is full of technological upgrades to battle it out with the competitors.

Favorite Amongst Tuners

Mustang is one of the favorites of tuners and can be modified to your likings. The SEMA 2016 is almost here and we've heard there's a plethora of powerful Mustang to be unveiled there. Just watch the video below and see the awesome modified Mustangs.

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