Microsoft Lumia 640 XL: NYPD Dumps iOS, Android For Windows Phones

Oct 17, 2016 08:09 AM EDT | Fritz Flores

The New York Police Department is taking a bold move with their department-issued smartphones by going for Windows-operated models like the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL to help them with their work. And it's all for the good reasons.

In a world where the smartphone market is highly dominated by either Android or iOS devices, the idea of Windows phones being used for police work is highly unlikely. Even its manufacturer, Microsoft, has sort of given up on it.

However, the NYPD has seen potential in Microsoft Lumia 830 and 640 XL. According to iTechPost, the police department believes that phones running Windows Mobile have better security features than its famous contemporaries.

In fact, they have recently reported that crime rate in their area has reduced by at least 12% over the span of a year since the phone was issued to them. The NYPD started issuing Windows phones like the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL to their police force since 2015.

It's all thanks to Windows' robust remote management and security features which allow the police force to respond to emergencies in the most efficient way that they can.

Apart from that, the NYPD has collaborated with the Windows phone platform in developing apps that allow them to extend help to those in need in the fastest way possible.

Engadget highlights some of these apps come with features like a direct contact to 911 which cuts off any queue from the dispatcher's end, an organized database of police records, an archive of resources that they can use for reference, and even a messaging mechanism designed to be used for urgent requests.

The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and 830 units that the department is currently using run on an outdated Windows 8.1 operating system. Despite this, they said that the phone's performance hasn't been lackluster at all. They are planning for a Windows 10 update during the summer and it may possibly come with a stronger remote management capability which will allow them to access security cameras with ease.

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