Is Tesla Planning To Launch The Roadster Next Week?

Oct 12, 2016 09:08 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Tesla CEO has tweeted of the company's intention of launching something new during its planned event on Oct 17. Unfortunately, there isn't anything else that has been hinted upon as of now, except that it will be an 'unexpected' product coming our way.

Not surprisingly, the tweet has kicked off a wild guessing game the world over with most speculating if it is the Model Y that is set to be unveiled. That again is not without reason considering that it is the Model Y that only remains of the 'S3XY' nomenclature that the California start-up has stated it plans to achieve, Auto Express reported.

So with the Model S and Model X already launched, and with the Model 3 having being announced already, it is the Model Y that remains to be done justice to. Launching a small SUV also makes a lot of business sense considering that it is SUVs that consumers seems to have developed a big liking for not only in the US but the world over.

Further, the Model Y will also allow Tesla to seize the initiative in the small SUV space just as it has done with its other models in the sedan and full-sized SUV segment. A small SUV will also mean a relatively smaller price tag, which combined with the huge demand that such class of vehicles already enjoy will naturally translate to another huge success story that has the potential to eclipse even that of the Model 3.

So far so good and while the launch of the Model Y seems all but certain sooner or later, it somehow belies the 'unexpected' bit that CEO Elon Musk has made special mention of in his tweet. Musk meanwhile had also earlier hinted of launching an electric mini-bus and a pick-up semi-truck sometime in future.

While both will no doubt make for a nice fit to the 'unexpected' product bit, there is also the Tesla Roadster that too stands a good chance of making a debut on the said date.

Tesla has started its journey with the roadster that it had launched back in 2008. Then, it was based on a platform borrowed from Lotus though the contract for the same has already expired. The company has earlier hinted it is already working on a new roadster based on the Model 3 platform. The automaker though has shied away from revealing too many details so far except that it is going to be slicker and faster this time, one that will reach the 60 mph timing from rest in about 2.8 secs or less.

So with the Model Y, a mini-bus, pick-up truck and a roadster in the offing from Tesla, and with it also expected to be 'unexpected' as well, chances are that it is the latter three that seems most probable for a Oct 17 debut. But then, Tesla had earlier also stated the bus and the pick-up truck aren't part of its immediate priorities, which leaves out the Roadster as the only model that could get to see the light of day next week. It will be interesting to see what come out eventually from the Tesla camp.

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