Top Car Brands Of 2016 Revealed: Toyota Still Dominates, Tesla As Newcomer, Nissan As Most Improved

Oct 07, 2016 04:24 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

World leading brand consultancy, Interbrand unveils its annual list of the Best Global Brands in the world. This year, the list is dominated by automotive and technology giants such as Apple, Google, and Toyota. Others like Coca-cola and Dior also made it to the list and we saw Tesla for the first time entered the top 100.

We filtered Interbrand's report out to find out the Top car brands of 2016 and the results are in. Like last year, the ranking of the 100 most valuable brands according to Interbrand includes 14 automakers, with the arrival of a new manufacturer, Tesla (# 100 ), and the disappearance of Chevrolet. Here are the top car brands as of today.

1. Toyota (# 5 overall)
2. Mercedes-Benz (# 9)
3. BMW (# 11)
4. Honda (# 21)
5. Ford (# 33)
6. Hyundai (# 35)
7. Audi (# 38)
8. Volkswagen (# 40)
9. Nissan (# 43)
10. Porsche (# 50)
11. Kia (# 69)
12. Land Rover (# 78)
13. Mini (# 88)
14. Tesla (# 100)

Ever wonder what makes a car brand the best in the world? Interbrand, consulting strategy and brand image, analyzes the value of each manufacturer depending on different factors such as the financial strength of its products, the competitiveness of the brand in its business and the role played by their products in the purchase decision of customers.

Toyota Still Dominates

As expected, Toyota is still the best car brand in the world. It is at #5 in overall ranking just behind Tech giants, Apple, Google, Microsoft and the most famous drink brand Coca-Cola. This is no surprise as Toyota continuously produce great cars such as what has been unveiled at the last Paris Motor Show, the Toyota Prius Prime, said to be the most economical hybrid ever and the awesome Toyota CH-R. Plus the concept car hydrogen powered vehicle is nothing but excellent.

It is also worth noting that Mercedes-Benz climbed up three spots from last year and surpasses BMW to be able to place at the Top 10 Best Global Brands.

Nissan Grows Higher Than Ever

Nissan is at its best year making it one of the fastest growing brands in the world, to be exact, 22% growth. It is joined by Facebook with 48 percent growth, Amazon with 33 percent and LEGO with 25 percent. Nissan has been working really hard on coming up with awesome cars this year and its Nissan leaf continues to be popular in the automotive world.

Meanwhile, as Nissan grows, Volkswagen drops from #35 overall last year to #40 which is majorly a result of the diesel scandal in the United States. Luckily, Audi was not affected by the scandal and continues to climb positions.

Tesla As A Newcomer

Tesla hit the 100th mark and was included on Interbrand's list for the first time. This is no surprise as Tesla has been making headlines and selling like pancakes. Other car brands should watch out because the 2017 model is said to be Tesla's year as its long-awaited Tesla Model 3 will be released and Tesla will be a major shaker in the automotive industry.

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