Top 10 Best Honda Cars Ever Made In History

Sep 22, 2016 04:13 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer that sometimes goes unnoticed, but is able to unnerve larger competitors with their quality vehicles at a very competitive range. They have 70 years of history to be proud of and have the best selling car of all time, which is the Honda Civic. And with the upcoming arrival of the new Honda Civic Hatchback and the Honda Civic Type-R, Honda is on the top of the automotive world again, which calls for a recap about the best Honda cars ever created.

Here's a reminder as to what this innovative car manufacturer can offer. Here are the top 10 Honda cars in the history.

10. Honda Jazz

Honda introduced into the market new generation of Honda Jazz, the company's most practical car model, late last year. It is a vehicle with a larger interior which provides much comfort, and would make a perfect starter car for anyone. One can get 100hp for less than $15,000. The good news is that the Honda Jazz Limited Edition has been rolled out again, for those who want to have this car.

9. Honda 1300 Coupe

Four cylinders, air cooled, transversely-mounted engine, forced-induction air cooling, cross-over swing axles and more. The Honda 1300 Coupe combine all these features in one super-sporty little coupe. Honda launched the 1300 in 1970 and from then on, the auto world was in love with this quirky coupe.

8. Honda S800

The Honda S800 replaced the S600 in 1965 and offered in both coupe and convertible body, it became the image of Honda for quite some time and was so successful in Japan. A year later it went overseas and receives the same success. It was equipped with a four-cylinder engine and 791 cc featuring a power of 70 hp at 8,000 rpm, which, at the time of its release, was true power already. The S800 is considered the first high-performance sports car of Honda.

7. Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude came in 1985 and was quickly known for its high quality and competitive price. It was known as the first version of Acura in the US.

6. Honda Accord Type R

The newest generation of the Honda Accord Type-R is number six in the list. Apart from its oversized rear wing, the Accord Type R was something of a sleeper car. It didn’t attract unwanted attention with outrageous styling, but it still packed a mighty punch for a four-door family saloon. It can reach 209hp and an impressive acceleration of 0-62 mph in just 6.9 seconds.

5. Honda Civic Si

The fourth generation of Honda Civic comes in at number five, specifically, the Honda Civic Si that served as the top-end model. It was released worldwide in 1989 and had a long list of technical innovations, such as the B16A engine, the first mechanical Honda B series and the new system of variable valve timing, which is now known as the VTEC. Under the hood, it has a 1.6-liter petrol atmospheric and high-revving 158 hp. It is one of the most modified US cars thanks to the possibilities offered by the vehicle.

4. Honda S2000

To mark the 50th anniversary of Honda, the Japanese firm launched the Honda S2000, the rightful heir of the S500, S600 and S800 of the 60s. It is a sporty roadster featuring a 2.0 liter VTEC propeller with 240 hp transmitted directly to the rear train through a manual gearbox. Production of the S2000 ceased in 2009 and since then, Honda has not marketed any other roadster in this caliber.

3. Honda FCX

The Honda FCX was released in 2002 and thus became the first electric vehicle hydrogen fuel cell commercialized in the world. It was sold in the United States and Japan only. With an electric range of 460 kilometers, the reservoir need only five minutes to fully recharge. This technology can beat Tesla and other electric vehicles in a snap.

2. Honda Civic Type R

The latest generation of Honda Civic Type R has been slow in coming and this is why it is has been one of the most anticipated Honda by fans.

When all seem to point to the SUV market (including Honda CR-V and HR-V ), the Japanese firm introduced this radical sport compact which will soon debut. With a 2.0 liter turbo engine and 310 hp, the Civic Type R channels all the power to the front wheels via a manual transmission. Optimized brakes, improved suspension and aerodynamics that gives a radical look to the type-R earns the #2 slot in our list.

1. Honda NSX

Is there really any other way this list could have ended? Talking about the Honda NSX is similar to speaking of royalty.

When the NSX went on sale in 1990, and as an Acura in the US, it gave the supercar market a swift wake-up smack across the face as sportscar can have quality performance a low price point. For years it was considered a direct rival to the Ferrari 348 for performance and design, but with a much more affordable price. The V6 of 3.0 liters and 280 hp (V6 of 3.2 liters and 290 hp later) of the first generation.

The new generation of NSX has a hybrid system that features a twin - turbo V6 and three electric thrusters with over 600 hp combined power. Still impressing us from 1990 up to today. Checkout the Honda NSX or Acura NSX at the video below.

With so many brilliant cars to pick from, deciding on the top 10 Honda cars wasn’t easy. So pardon if your bet didn't make it through the list. Sound off the comments below and let us know what we've missed.

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