Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Critical Battery Problems Trigger Recall

Sep 21, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | Eve C.

It seems that Microsoft might also be facing recall issues after reports that Surface Pro 3 has been experiencing battery problems.

There have been complaints in the past how the users were not able to fully charge the equipment. Worse, some users were not able to use the device at all, because it won't charge.

Microsoft attended the problems by fixing the Simplo batteries and adding LGC as its supplier. However, the same problem had triggered the latter recently.

According to MS Power User, Surface Pro 3 owners that have the LGC battery installed got infected by a bug that does the same- prevent the battery to be fully charged.

The highest percentage that the battery can attain from recharging ranges from 67% to 84% only right after the August 29 firmware update. Hence, the users were not able to use the full capacity of its batteries.

The problem got noticed when a user from Microsoft Forum raised the concern. According to Ashtaron14, the problem started after the Win10 Anniversary update.

"Since the Win 10 Anniversary update, I was not able to turn on my Surface Pro 3 i7 512GB with LGC battery without having it plugged in with the power supply or docking (I own a total of three Surface Pro 3 docks at home and 2 offices). It always said "82%, Plugged in, Not Charging," and would always instantly turn off once I pulled off the power supply tab," the statement reads.

the user seeks the help of a technical specialist, but they found out that the root of the problem was a software issue as stated by Microsoft. On the other hand, InfoWorld advises the Surface Pro 3 with LGC battery owners to run a test. The guidelines are posted on their website.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the issue regarding the Surface Pro 3 in the coming days.

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