Ford Mustang GT350 VS Ford Focus RS Track Test: Does The Little Hatch Stand A Chance?

Sep 19, 2016 11:58 AM EDT | Leian N.

The brand new Ford Focus RS and the Ford Mustang GT 350 were both taken to a test drive against each other. Will the match be even considered fair? Will the flagship of muscle cars be a letdown compared to the brand's little hatch?

The Ford Mustang GT 350 had been considered as one of the boldest of muscle cars in the automobile industry at present with its masculine-sounding engine and was a former-heavyweight champion, reported Driving. However, the Ford Focus RS had been increasing in power that they were both out for a test drive this week. Will the RS have a chance?

Race Results

The back-to-back track testing occurred at the Calabogie Motorsports Park with a 5.05-kilometer track, 20 turns, and only 30 minutes away from Ottawa. Obviously, the powerhouse muscle car, Ford Mustang GT 350 won that race but surprisingly, the Ford Focus RS did not fall behind as farther as others anticipated. In fact, it looked like the race was a close call even.

Why The RS Is Just As Good as the 'Stang

Although the Ford Focus RS received minimal attention compared to the rivaled 'Stang, the model runs on 350-horsepower RPG which was why its loss was just a nose behind. In fact, the model is priced at $50,000 - the price which is half as much as that of the Ford Mustang GT 350 and yet, performs just as better. Furthermore, it was also reported that the Focus stuck to the track better compared to its rival.

Furthermore, the Focus also received the praise as the best 4-cylinder time-setter in over ten years as was shown during the Lightning Lap shootout.

Why The 'Stang Is Still The Champion

The Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350 was reported to have finished with the bet time at the 2016 Car and Driver Lightning Lap. In fact, the results for the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 was recorded as the second-best time among all American muscle cars to ever grace the automobile industry, reported Torque News.

The brand new Ford Focus RS nearly beat a member of the classic American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang GT 350. However, classic 'Stang still won the race - but only by a small time. 

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