Ford Focus RS

Ultimate Hot Hatch Battle: Honda Civic Type R vs. Ford Focus RS

Ultimate Hot Hatch Battle: Honda Civic Type R vs. Ford Focus RS

The Honda Civic Type R and Ford Focus RS are two of the hottest hatchbacks in the market. How do the two compare and differ? More details here. more

Ford Focus RS is Everyone's New Favorite Hatchback!

Ford Focus RS is Everyone's New Favorite Hatchback!

The Ford Focus RS is fun, fast, and everyone's newest favorite hot hatchback! More details here. more

The 2017 Ford Focus RS Is The Ideal Car For The Rally Car Enthusiast

The Ford 2017 Focus RS Is The Ideal Car For The Rally Car Enthusiast

The 2017 Ford Focus RS is a powerful and fast car that is expected to attract rally car enthusiasts. more

Mercedes-AMG Sponsors Michelin Gala

Audi TT RS vs. Mercedes AMG45 vs. Ford Focus Test of the Fittest: Which Deserves to Be Proclaimed the Best? [VIDEO]

Audi TT RS, Mercedes-AMG A45 and Ford Focus all boast of excellent powertrains, the best driving experience and great agility on the road. However, only one can be the best. To determine this, the three supercars were gathered for the test of the fittest by Autocar magazine. more

Motor Manufacturers Showcase Latest Designs In Geneva

Ford Focus RS Features New Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, 2 Tires

New Ford Focus RS now comes with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires from factories. more

2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4MATIC on Racetrack

2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 Ready To Compete With Ford Focus RS With its 605hp

The 2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 had just been unveiled. It is the most serious and most powerful take on the impressive new Mercedes-Benz E-class line which is set to compete with Ford Focus RS, Audi RS7 and the upcoming BMW M5. more

Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS - Top Gear: Drag Races

Drag Race: Ford Focus RS vs Ford Mustang GT, Who Wind The Battle of Ford Fast Cars

A Ford Focus RS vs Ford Mustang GT was pitted against each other by the guys at Top Gear to determine who will finish first in a drag race to the quarter mile. Who will win this race? Let the war of Ford's powerful cars begin! more

Ford Focus RS 500

Ford Focus RS500 Halted Due To Concerns Competing Over Ford Mustang

Ever since the Ford Focus RS500 was announced to be developed, the public has hugely anticipated its release. However, recent reports show that the development of the RS500 may be hanging by a thread. This is because it may be a direct competition of the Ford Mustang. more

Ford Focus RS 2016

2016 Ford Focus RS : A Compact Hatch and a Muscle In One

Take a closer look at the new Ford Focus RS 2016 with outstanding features that a road slayer can never resist. more

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Makes Announcement At Ford's Flat Rock Assembly Plant

Ford Mustang GT 350 Almost Beaten By Ford Focus RS On A Test Drive?

The Ford Mustang GT 350 and Ford Focus RS wereout for a test drive this week and the bully nearly got knocked out by the simple sedan. In fact, the Focus was named as the 4-cylinder car with the best time for over ten years of records. more

Ken Block Gymkhana World Tour Press Conference

Watch Ken Block's Gymkhana 9 Badass Return in a Ford Focus RS RX

Ladies and Gentlemen! Ken Block Gymkhana 9 Is Back - in a big way! With trains, helicopters, sky bridges and a beastly Ford Focus RS on the spotlight, this video's got all you need to fill up your adrenaline rush for the rest of the week. Hit the play button and prepare for one wild ride! more

WRC Rally Australia - Leg One

2016 Ford Focus RS Upgraded By Hennessey Performance Engineering Into A 405hp Beast

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is one of America's favorite sport compact with its exceptional driving, drifitng powers and the efficiency of its all-wheel-drive system. However, it seems that there are still room for improvements and tuners are upgrading the RS into a beast. more

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