Volkswagen Retires GTI Two-Door Variant; Find Out Why Here!

Sep 14, 2016 05:42 AM EDT | Eve C.


Bid those goodbyes to the Volkswagen GTI Two-Door variant. The automaker is retiring the model for good.

The car company confirmed that they will no longer produce the variant during the brand's full line launch event on Sept. 13. According to Car and Driver, Volkswagen will now focus on manufacturing four-door models.

"The trend is clearly shifting toward four-door models," Hendrik Muth, marketing chief of Volkswagen America, said. However, the production of two-door will resume next year but for the base trim only.

Meanwhile, the automaker will continue to make manual transmissions for the GTI models. While the reason for the Two-Door GTI is yet to be elaborated, one of the possible reason might be the rareness of the variant.

In other news, Volkswagen is not so sure whether to continue marketing the diesel cars in North America. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company has been contemplating on the effect of the diesel emission cheating scandal which brought them to the center of negative media attention.

The emission regulations have been strict with the car companies with regards to testing the diesel-powered vehicles. But more than that, Hinrich Woebcken told the news outlet on Monday that they will focus on selling gasoline-powered models and will eventually launch electric models in the future. 

Notably, a previous report revealed that the EPA found out that Volkswagen has installed a software to surpass the fail level. For that, they might face criminal charges.

Furthermore, Volkswagen must also pay around $15 billion to buy affected vehicles back from customers. Aside from that, the budget covers to end leases early, invest in zero-emission technology and fix affected vehicles. 

The investigation continues while the company is said to undergo another meeting with the authorities before 2016 ends. Nevertheless, readers must wait for an update regarding the violation committed by Volkswagen.

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