Tesla Motors’ “Electric Road Trip” To Hit The Roads This Summer

Jul 15, 2016 06:13 AM EDT | Jomar Teves


Just over a year ago, Tesla Motors Inc.'s fleet of electric cars that includes the Roadster and the Model S, have achieved its very first 1 billion electric miles.

In the next three months, owners of Tesla vehicles have driven the next one billion miles. Just recently, they hit the 2.5 billion mile mark. In order to promote electric car usage among consumers, the electric car manufacturer is starting a 3-month "Electric Road Trip" campaign around the world.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, says that this is also made to promote the "uncompromised capabilities" that these electric vehicles have. Throughout the span of the tour, Tesla will be showcasing its remodelled sedan and its latest arsenal of SUVs, despite not yet having a price for the other models.

However, the Road Trip Destinations are forecasted to not go too far from the operation regions. The route will be around the urban area and the underlying outskirts of the region.

The set venues for the program will be held in Tesla's Destination Charging partners that are usually near hotels and resorts. Tesla shared this good news to their customers by sending them an email that says how Tesla has managed to let Tesla owners drive a car for two billion miles without using an ounce of gas.

The electric vehicle manufacturer also proudly sent out an invitation to inform their customers to take part of this journey to the next billion miles.

Last month, reports said that 11 teams of EV hobbyists and owners, together with other EV users aside from Tesla, are going to impart in an 80-day challenge to cross 20 countries spanning Asia, Europe, and North America together with their electric cars.

This program aims to promote the effectiveness and sustainability in terms of resources and energy that these electric vehicles have.

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