Volvo Wars With Tesla Autopilot And Names Plan As “Wannabe”

May 01, 2016 09:56 PM EDT | Alexa Parker

Volvo and Tesla are both bracing for the worst-case scenario. It appears that Volvo is instigating a rift towards Tesla's Autopilot program by calling it as "wannabe."

According to Car Buzz, the car-trading world is buzzing when Volvo's engineers scrutinize Tesla's autopilot. To prove the latter, Trent Victor, senior technical leader of crash avoidance at Volvo, called Tesla's Autopilot an unsupervised wannabe. Tesla is trying to create ahave semi-autonomous car that appears to be autonomous." His words clearly imply his distrust for the overall procedures that Tesla has undertaken and emphasizes that Volvo's auto system is way much better than what Tesla has designed.

On the other hand, Tesla asserts that the firm's technology is already at the Level 2 and signified that their system is already a blend of two technologies to ensure reliable and comfortable autonomous experience. Despite the claims made forth by Tesla, Volvo and BMW have given comments and scrutiny regarding the system. Victor comments that Volvo is not in tune with the concept of Level 3 autonomy given the fact that the driver needs to be ready to take over the car.

"In our concept, if you don't take over, if you have fallen asleep or are watching a film, then we will take responsibility still. We won't just turn [autonomous mode] off," continued Victor.

Given the rising negative comments regarding Tesla's autopilot system, Tesla's forthcoming revenues are forecast to face instability. Additional reports from Bidness Etc, Volvo knew that the only way to gain dominance is to strengthen its products and its feature segments and involve the auto regulators as well as calling the attention of the governments to support the technology. In terms of value, Volvo's stocks are currently set to $8.72, while Tesla Motors shares took minor downfall, ranging between 3 percent at $240.40.

The issues pertaining to the Tesla autopilot plan being named Volvo as "Wannabe" continue to rise. However, it remains unsettled on how the two firms would ensure that their programs are taking safety measures and improvements to ensure driver safety and comfort.

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