Stars & Their Cars: Rick Harrison’s 1940 Chevy Deluxe [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & PHOTOS]

Dec 16, 2015 01:37 PM EST | Brandon Katz

There are those for whom cars aren't just simple modes of transportation made for our convenience. To the car enthusiast, automobiles are recious works of art, gorgeous testaments to human engineering and craft. Cars can also be companions, reliable buddies that inspire feelings of safety and camaraderie. Some even view cars as welcome challenges, a fixer-upper that is meant to test your skill and intellect. All of the above are true Rick Harrison, the star of "Pawn Stars." 

"I've always been a car nut," Harrison told HNGN in an exclusive interview. "I think I need psychotherapy."

Don't worry, Rick, you're not flying over the cuckoo's nest just yet.

Harrison is no stranger to the breezy elegance or imposing power of a fine automobile. His collection of jaw-dropping rides (20 cars and motorcycles) would make even James Bond look twice. But there's no doubt that his 1940 Chevy Special Deluxe is his true pride and joy.

"I bought the car about 10 years ago and have gone absolutely insane with it," Harrison said.

That much is true. Harrison has invested considerable time and money into remaking this car as a thing of beauty. We're talking stainless steel trim, chopped four and half engines, an impressive chassis and more than 1,000 hours of body work. We're also talking fuel injection, Wilwood brakes and a nifty turnkey engine.

The Chevy is coated with a shining outer layer of blue paint that looks like it was stolen straight from a rainbow. The interior boasts a sleek silver look that could have easily come from the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

For us average, run-of-the-mill commuters, it might seem strange to stretch yourself so far for a car. But for Harrison, it's just a bit of youthful dream fulfillment.

"I've always wanted this car since I was a kid for my whole life. Now that I have it, I'm going to keep making it better," he said.

Harrison neither wants nor needs the recognition of other car aficionados for his beautiful Chevy. He never enters it in car shows, though we're betting he'd take home first place if he did. Instead, the addition of low, giant tires on the back, power windows all around, and a smooth sheet metal skeleton are all for him. It's his car, and he wants to be the one who enjoys it.

Of course, that doesn't mean that other people don't appreciate it.

"I've almost gotten into wrecks with people hanging out their car windows trying to take pictures of it while I'm driving," he said with a laugh. To be honest, we can't really blame them.

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