UPDATED: William Shatner Doesn’t Just Fly Spaceships, He Designs Rivet Motorcycles

Apr 09, 2015 03:01 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro


William Shatner has played a space captain on "Star Trek" and a Negotiator for Priceline, but what you might not have known is that he's also a daring motorcycle designer.

That's right, Captain James T. Kirk is one of the few creative designers behind the "Rivet," which he called "the future of the cycle" on his Facebook page back in December.

The motorcycle will reach a limited edition production run with Aurora, Illinois-based motorcycle company American Wrench, so you might be able to own one of these bad boys someday if you're lucky.

"We've partnered with William Shatner to create a machine that combines the experience of riding a motorcycle, driving a high-performance car and gives the feeling of flying on the open road. The result is Rivet," said Kevin Sirotek of Rivet in a company video discussing the bike.

Not a lot of specs are known at this time other than it will have flames (so Shatner can light his cigar), an intercooled V8 engine-producing over 500 HP and an aluminum body.

We reached out to the company to see how many Rivets will reach production once the final design is set.

"Rivet will likely be a limited production vehicle, but we have not yet decided how many we will make," said Aaron Kelly of Rivet Motors/ American Wrench to AutoWorldNews. "We're currently building the first machine and establishing the overall process to potentially be used on subsequent Rivets moving forward."

Shatner isn't just designing the bike though. He's planning on taking the 3-wheeled motorcycle out for a spin from Chicago to Los Angeles this summer.

"I've been across this country on my thumb, sports cars, trucks, with a dog, with a family, but I've never been across the country on a motorcycle, Shatner said in the Rivet video.

"I wanna do that, and I'm gonna do that on this new Rivet motorcycle," he added in the teaser video. "Why don't you come along with me?"

We'd be more than happy to, Captain.

You can make your reservation for a Rivet now at RivetMotors.com.

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