Drivers Dash For Cash Causes 20 Minute Delay on Highway

Nov 01, 2014 12:00 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro

A malfunctioning door lock on an armored transport vehicle caused a bag full of money to fall out of a truck and onto I-270 Friday morning, to the delight of some commuters.

The others who didn't get some extra cash had to deal with a 20 minute delay.

Maryland State Police officials have already sent out a request asking for all of the money to be returned to the Frederick Barrack, according to USA Today.

The incident took place around 8:00 a.m. on Halloween, when the door of a GardaWorld Security company armored truck opened. The cash then flew into the air and all over the highway near Route 80.

"There was no crash. Cash was strewn across the interstate, but was quickly picked up by all the motorists who immediately stopped," writes Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley in an email to WTOP.

Police said the driver of the truck pulled over to the side of the highway, but by that time cars were already stopping to pick up the fallen money, to no surprise. Hen fire department officials arrived to the scene, all of the drivers had already left.

Maryland State Police recovered approximately $200 from the scene, with some help of a K-9 unit, according to USA Today.

At least one person who stopped to pick up some cash later turned it in to the Frederick Barrack of the Maryland State Police.

State police aren't sure how much money was lost during the ordeal.

"Motorists who picked up the cash are reminded it is not their money," says a news release from the police.

If police are able to figure out the identities of those who took the money on the highway and didn't try to return it, the people involved could face theft charges, according to WTOP.

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