'Spiders Alive' Exhibition Reopens at American Museum of Natural History

Jul 05, 2014 08:54 AM EDT | Matt Mercuro

The "Spiders Alive" exhibition has returned to the American Museum of Natural History this week, which allows people the chance to look at 16 different species of spiders, two scorpions, and 20 species of live arachnids.

The exhibition will be open until November 2, according to a report by the Wall-Street Journal.

"They've been happily hiding behind the scenes, and now they're out again," said Hazel Davies from the American Museum of Natural History, according to the Wall-Street Journal. "The goliath bird eater, which spans 12 inches and is one of the largest spiders in the world, is sitting right out in front, and she seems quite happy about the whole thing."

Davies, the museum's associate director of living exhibits, said that visitors of the museum can expect the same species that were seen when the exhibit first debuted back in 2012.

A handler will present a short lecture twice an hour featuring a scorpion and tarantula to visitors. The museum rotates tarantula and scorpion, both of which are considered to be docile in nature, according to the Journal.

"They only work one day, and then they rest for two weeks until it's their turn again," Davies said. "We don't want them to get stressed."

Western black widows, brown recluse, goliath bird eater, and the gigantic vinegaroon are among the scorpions that are part of the exhibition.

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Those who check out the exhibition will get the chance to see 100-million-year-old spider fossils as well.

All species that are showcased have their own special feature.

One of the main focuses of the exhibition is to dispel the fear of spiders among people, according to the Journal.

Visitors will get the chance to read about interesting facts about the spiders and their abilities. For example, the properties of spider's silk will be available to visitors.

The exhibition also shows how spiders have inspired human technologies.

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