Apple Met With Tesla CEO Elon Musk in Spring 2013

Feb 17, 2014 10:10 AM EST | Matt Mercuro

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly met with Apple's head of acquisitions, Adrian Perica, during the spring of 2013, around six months before German analyst Adnaan Ahmad penned the now famous open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook suggesting that the iPhone maker look into purchasing the EV automaker.

"I know this is radical and potentially 'transformative' but this would radically alter Apple's growth profile," Ahmad wrote in the letter, according to Apple Insider. "In Elon Musk, you could strike up a partnership and obtain a new iconic partner to lead Apple's innovation drive."

Six months before the letter, Musk supposedly met with Perica and, most likely, Cook at Apple's headquarters to talk business, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, citing an unnamed source.

Click here to read the full report by the newspaper.

Tesla and Apple have yet to comment on the rumors yet.

If the report is true, then there is a good chance Apple is at least interested in purchasing Tesla, which produces the popular and controversial Model S vehicle.

Ahmad argued that the deal would give Apple the chance to make a lot of money, perhaps more money than it ever will by selling smartphone devices.

Apple would hardly be the first smartphone company to be interested in an automaker however, as Google is still working on its self-driving vehicle.

It's legal to test drive self-driving vehicles in very few states in the U.S., but the company feels one will be available for purchase before 2019.

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