Swedish Car 'Graveyard' Has 1,000 Abandoned Vehicles

Feb 07, 2014 04:25 PM EST | Jordan Ecarma

Around 1,000 vehicles make up the "Bastnas Car Graveyard," a collection of cars slowly disintegrating deep inside a Swedish forest.

Including such classics as the Saab and the Volvo, many of the cars were left by American servicemen after World War II ended, Yahoo Autos reported.

A former scrapyard, the site is located outside Bastnas and was recently rediscovered by a group of hikers who happened upon it while navigating the forest.

The spot, which also holds VW camper vans and some Ford and Buick models, started in the mid-1950s when two Swedish brothers made a scrapyard for vehicles abandoned after the war.

"The forest remains dense, and according to visitors, like a 'labyrinth' of irregular paths and passages," Yahoo Autos described. "Moss covers old classic vehicles, while shrubbery encompasses the interiors and glorious Saabs sit atop of more glorious Saabs."

The deserted cars were taken apart and sold in Norway, which borders Sweden on the west. Norwegians couldn't afford to buy new cars and needed to obtain parts to mend the ones they had, according to Yahoo Autos.

The Swedish brothers who founded the scrapyard kept the business running until the 1980s; they brought in more cars as time passed but ended up leaving the site around 10 years later.

"For the last twenty years, the area has been left derelict, and the cars they originally salvaged forgotten," Yahoo Autos described.

More than 1,000 abandoned cars are scattered through the property, earning it the title of Bastnas Car Graveyard from the locals. The models range from the 1940s to the 1970s.

"It is very quiet in there," said Svein Nordrum, a 54-year-old photographer who came in to photograph the cars, as quoted by the Daily Mail. "It is a strange feeling when you're there, as if you're on the edge of the world."

Some Swedes want the "graveyard" removed; however, environmentalists object to removing the cars because birds and other wildlife have made their homes inside the decaying vehicles.

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