Oarfish Remains Found? 13-Foot Sea Monster Discovered on Spanish Beach (VIDEO)

Aug 22, 2013 02:59 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro

A 13-foot-long fish was discovered in a Spanish beach recently, leading locals to believe it could be an Oarfish.

The giant fish carcass washed up on Luis Siret Beach in the village of Villaricos according to The Inquisitr.

Researchers from Spain's Program in Defense of Marine Animals said the fish is in the advanced stages of decomposition, though they're still trying to identify the remains.

Early reports indicate that the carcass is a fish species, and they've been working off of pictures to try figuring out what it is.

Locals claim the carcass had horns, leading them to believe it was some kind of sea creature never discovered before according to The Inquisitr.

"It's hard to tell," David Shiffman, a University of Miami shark researcher and blogger on Southern Fried Science, told NBC News. "But the official guess that it could be a thresher shark seems plausible."

The carcass could be that of a thresher shark, but another possibility is that it's an oarfish according to Shiffman.

Oarfish can be as "small" as 10 feet, but they've been known to grow as long as 60 feet before as well.

Earlier this summer, an oarfish was see 200 feet below the sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Oarfish are usually only seen when the wash up dead according to marine biologists.

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