Understanding Whiplash Injuries and Your Legal Options after a Car Crash

Nov 23, 2021 04:48 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Understanding Whiplash Injuries and Your Legal Options after a Car Crash

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One of the most prevalent post-accident injuries is whiplash. This neck injury is caused by a person's head being forcibly jerked back and forth. In an accident, this can happen in less than a second, and there is no way to prevent it from occurring.

Front-end and rear-end crashes are the most prevalent causes of whiplash, but it can occur in any sort of automobile accident. It can happen at any speed and with any amount of force, whether the car is going fast or slow.

Whiplash injuries can range from the minor to the serious, but they all require medical attention. Be on the lookout for symptoms for days or even weeks following an accident, even a little fender-bender.

Educating Yourself on the Legal Aspects of Whiplash Injuries

If a careless driver caused your whiplash and other injuries, your best bet is to speak with a car accident lawyer first. The following are some of the more important aspects that a lawyer will address:

Always go to the doctor. Chronic injuries can last a lifetime, even with prompt medical attention. Even with prompt medical attention, healing may take a long time. Consequently, the financial burden on an accident victim may be substantial and long-lasting.

If a settlement offer is made, do not accept it. Accident victims should resist the temptation to take an insurance company's initial, low-ball offer due to the risk of significant medical expenses. A vehicle accident lawyer can help victims understand their legal choices and how they might receive a fair settlement for their injuries.

Don't throw away any medical records or invoices. These elements will support the diagnosis, extent of injuries, treatment, prognosis, therapies, and other whiplash-related disabilities. There is no legal basis for a claim for compensation if there are no medical records. Without proof of injuries and treatment, an insurer may deny or undervalue the claim. In a court of law, a paper trail can be a strong tool. After the initial therapy, victims should keep track of any new symptoms that may occur.

Don't take the blame. Insurers may also attribute the accident's cause to the victim's own fault or assert that the victim's whiplash and other injuries were already present at the time of the accident. People who have been injured in car accidents should seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with how insurance companies operate.

It's important to keep your mouth shut. When driving, drivers must keep in mind that any comments they make or actions they take could be used against them. Occasionally, someone will apologise for an accident or admit responsibility for it in full or in part. For example, a victim may provide too much personal information to an insurance representative who calls them in order to persuade them to talk. When dealing with an insurance company, drivers should always consult a lawyer first.

Various criteria are taken into account when determining pay. Experienced car accident attorneys in Evansville will examine all aspects of the case, including evidence, damages, and long-term prognosis, in order to determine the amount of compensation to seek in a settlement offer or court action. Medical fees and lost pay if the whiplash leaves the victim unable to work or working at a reduced capacity will be taken into account by the experts. Compensation for pain and suffering and other non-economic losses will also be determined by a lawyer.

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