5 Driving Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

Sep 16, 2021 12:31 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

5 Driving Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

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Statistics show that there are around six million car accidents each year in the US alone. There is no way to guarantee that you won't be involved in a car accident, but there are lots of things you can do to reduce your chances. Follow these five driving tips to stay safe on the road:

1. Keep up with your vehicle's maintenance

Keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance will help you avoid mechanical issues and stay safe on the road. Good vehicle maintenance will also reduce wear and tear on the engine and help you avoid expensive auto repairs.

You should visually inspect your car before you drive it to look for issues. For instance, use a tire pressure gauge to make sure that you have adequate air pressure in your tires before you start driving. A tire that has low air pressure can pull to one side, and too much pressure can also be dangerous.

2. Focus on the road and avoid distractions

You should always focus your full attention on the road when you are driving. Taking your eyes off the road for just a second is dangerous and can cause a serious accident. Make sure that anything that could cause a distraction, i.e., your mobile phone, is out of sight, and don't start reprograming a sat nav while you are driving.

3. Do not drink alcohol and drive

According to legal experts at findlaw.com, you must have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or less to legally drive in the US. This means that you should be able to have one standard alcoholic drink and still be able to drive legally. However, your BAC will vary depending on factors like your sex, weight, and the type of drink.

It might be legal to have one alcoholic drink and drive, but it's best to avoid alcohol completely if you are planning on driving. Even one drink can impair your motor skills and reaction times. This will put you at a higher risk of an accident. If you are the designated driver, then stick with soft drinks - it's cheaper and safer.

4. Stay within the speed limit

Speed limits are in place to keep road users safe and minimize the risk of car accidents. You should always stay within the speed limit and observe what speed limits are in place. Speeding is dangerous, and it can also land you with a hefty fine and penalty points on your license.

5. Keep a safe stopping distance

You should always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front when you are driving. If you are traveling too close to the vehicle ahead, then it's likely that you will be unable to stop in time if that car has to brake suddenly e.g., if a child runs out in the road. You should follow the three-second rule to ensure that you are keeping a safe distance. Keep a larger stopping distance if the road conditions are wet or icy. 

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