Bumper Repairs: What Do Collision Repair Specialists Need to Know?

Aug 31, 2021 10:20 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

Bumper Repairs: What Do Collision Repair Specialists Need to Know?

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When an accident occurs, the front or rear bumpers often end up being the most damaged parts of the vehicle. These are the first things to check when assessing a claim and choosing between repair or change. To decide between the two options, auto body damage experts should opt for the least expensive solution for the repair shop and the insurer.

Here's what you need to know about auto body shop bumper repairs.

Bumpers are one of the most important parts of a car. They are mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle and have a dual role:

  • To absorb the energy generated by harmful influences at a lower speed
  • To protect expensive vehicle parts, such as the main parts of the engine, cooling system, headlights, or taillights.

A common reason for bumpers damage is the impossibility of vertical leveling when hitting at a slow speed, which results in expensive repairs, and raises the eternal question: is it more worthwhile to repair a bumper or buy a new one?

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Why are car bumpers so fragile?

Some research has shown that the bumper, itself, often does not have enough capacity to generate the energy generated during such impacts. In addition, the damage is affected by what materials the bumpers are made from, shape, thickness, etc. During the impact, the bumper is the first part of the vehicle to absorb contact, so its failure is exclusively physical. The most common are bumper breakage, bumper bracket breakage, and the like. The bumper repair will depend on the severity of the damage, the location of the impact, and whether the bumper has a crack or a missing part.

The practice has shown that bumper repair can give satisfactory results if the bumper failure is minor. In other cases, due to the quality, durability, and safety, it is recommended to buy a new bumper for your car.

How to decide whether to repair or replace it?

Although repairing a bumper takes time and cost in terms of labor, it can be more cost-effective than opting for a complete replacement of the bumper. The number of hours spent repairing bumpers varies depending on the vehicle model and the price of the parts to be changed.

Taking these into account, sometimes it would be beneficial to spend more time repairing the bumpers than replacing them. Yet many shops continue to prioritize speedy repairs by making more bumper replacements, rather than spending time repairing them, believing that saving time is the most cost-effective solution. After noting down all the damages and checking whether it is on both sides of the bumper, it is necessary to consider the materials to be used and determine if the cover needs to be removed or repaired.

In this case, a repair of the cover, in addition to the bumper, is required to be executed.

To repair bumpers, technicians today use high-quality sealants and adhesives that offer even more strength than the original material.

Favor repair for luxury vehicles

Although repairing a bumper takes time, it is often more cost-effective than changing it, especially on luxury vehicles. Indeed, according to a study published by Mitchell, spending 2.5 hours repairing a bumper would cost less than changing it. For vehicles requiring spare parts over $ 600, the repair is advantageous. If the auto body shop advisor thinks that the repairs are too complicated, then it is best to opt for a replacement.

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