Vehicle Branding: Dos and Don’ts When Using Your Company Vehicle to Advertise Your Brand

Aug 06, 2021 10:45 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

Vehicle Branding: Dos and Don’ts When Using Your Company Vehicle to Advertise Your Brand

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For most businesses, having a company vehicle always makes sense. One can use this to handle deliveries, buy materials, and even drive employees and customers alike. It makes your brand look large and professional. It also improves customer satisfaction since you can offer your products and services at a faster rate. If there is one undeniable reason to seal your decision to buy your first company vehicle, that is to aid you in your company's branding.

Branding enables you to build a lasting impression on both current customers and your target audiences. It helps in boosting your visual identity, improves people's understanding of what your company is all about and what your offers are. Using your company vehicle to boost your branding and aid your marketing is a cost-effective way to achieve your goals.

We often see certain brands bombarding their company vehicles with their large logo, tag lines, and the faces of their marketing models. But there are times when no matter how grand you dress up your company vehicle, it fails to communicate the right message. This either confuses your target audiences or turns off consumers because of your overly dramatic marketing stunt.

To help you navigate vehicle branding like a pro, consider the following dos and don'ts.

Do Explore Your Options

When using your company vehicle to market your brand, know that you have many options. The three major ones are vehicle decals, wraps, and even magnetic car signs for your car. The type of option you will choose will depend on your objective.

Magnets are often used on your vehicle's flat surfaces, like your car's door. Place this in a curved or angular part of your vehicle, and this only falls off. This is perfect if you also want to remove your magnets and use the car for personal use.

Car stickers or decals can add character to your company vehicles by adding a personal touch to your car. These are often used in windows. But know that you can also place car decals in rear doors, trunks, and bumpers.

Vinyl wraps are often more expensive than car decals and magnets. It takes commitment to say yes to wraps since these usually last between three and five years. The good news is, you can customize your wraps to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard.

Don't Forget to Include the Crucial Details

There is no point in using your vehicle to advertise your brand if you place your logo and brand name. They may recognize the brand through your logo. But if you give incomplete details, consumers are less likely to chase after your brand.

Why market your brand with the use of your vehicle when you aren't providing them with enough details in the first place? Make sure your vehicle has your business name, logo, website, and contact details. It also helps to let consumers know what your offers are to give them a better idea of what products and services you specialize in.

Remember to use the same logo, font, and colors in your vehicle's branding. This will make it easier for your audiences to recognize your brand even from afar. Make sure to use fonts they can easily read as they only have a few moments to digest your information.

Do Remember That Your Company Vehicle Can Be Viewed in Many Angles

People on the road can view your car in the front, side, and back. Utilizing these areas to show off your brand is always a wise choice. Plan your advertisement well and make sure to keep state laws in mind.

In some states, they don't allow decals on your vehicle's windows. In other states, these are legal for as long as they are not obstructing your view. Other times, some states also do not permit decals on bumpers and rails.

Do your homework before you get anything done in your company vehicle. Work with local car wraps, stickers, and magnet installers since they already know what is legal or not.

Don't Forget About Creating the Right Design

Whether you are into car decals, wraps, or magnets, you must invest in the right design. You want to make sure you use appropriate elements that will entice your target audiences. Be sure to remain professional and to use images that will best suit your message.

Don't simply use images you took via phone or those that can be found on the internet. As much as possible, use images taken by a professional. Remember that these will be paraded in your car for everyone to see, so it only makes sense to use great images.

These are but the best practices to keep in mind when using your vehicle to advertise your brand. You have temporary options if you want something you can easily remove. Knowing what to do and not to do when using vehicle branding will help you get your message across, boost brand awareness, and best represent your business.

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