Shopping for a Used Car? Follow These 4 Simple Tips

Jul 19, 2021 11:41 AM EDT | Ernest Hamilton

Shopping for a Used Car? Follow These 4 Simple Tips

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A lot is resting on your decision to buy a used car. Not only will it cost a fair bit of money, but it could be your only means of transportation for years to come. You want to find the best possible vehicle for your needs and budget.

To help you make this decision, check out these tips for buying a used car. They'll help you find the best options at the most affordable prices. 

1. Get the Car Professionally Inspected if Buying from a Private Seller

Maybe one of your neighbours is willing to sell their vehicle to you. Or perhaps, you searched online classified ads and found the exact make and model for the price you want. Buying from a private seller like this is always an option.

If you choose to go this route, you'll want to check its mileage, interior, tires, and everything else under the hood. You may even want to have it inspected by a professional and get its official vehicle history report.

2. Go Online to Find Nearby Car Dealerships

If you rather not risk it with a private seller, shopping from a car dealership can give you peace of mind. Dealerships often provide a greater variety of models, all their vehicles come already inspected, and you can get financing to help you afford your car.

But how do you find an established car dealership? If you're like most people, you type this common phrase into your Google search bar: car dealerships near me. 

In a blink of an eye, this search delivers a long list of dealerships within a specified radius of your home. It even pins them on a map to help you picture where they are.

By comparing all the nearest options, you'll get a better idea of what used cars go for nowadays. More importantly, you'll get a feel for which location has the best customer service, selection, and price.

3. Know What You Want in a Car

Are you planning on getting a second vehicle for your busy family, or is this car going to be your primary transportation for every morning commute? These are the kinds of questions you must ask yourself to understand what you need out of a vehicle. 

Spend some time researching makes and models that align with your expectations. Arming yourself with these stats makes you a more informed shopper:

4. Go in With a Budget

Shopping around for a used car without first knowing your budget can be dangerous. You might lock into a vehicle that you can't afford.

Spend some time playing around with your budget to understand what your upper limit is without financing. Then, consider what the used dealerships near you are willing to offer. The top dealers will help you find the best way to finance a used car for any credit situation, even if you have a subprime score. 

Bottom Line

If you feel like you're out of your depth while shopping for a used vehicle, just remember these four tips. Referring back to them at every step will help you shop around like a pro.

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