How to Enhance the Performance of a Race Car

Jul 12, 2021 08:47 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

How to Enhance the Performance of a Race Car

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If you are looking forward to participating in car racing and win, make sure your vehicle is up to standard with speed. While each car model has its modification procedure, the overall speed upgrades help boost your car's performance. Check here for quality car performance parts.

This article highlights tips on how you can enhance the performance of your race car:

1. Reduce the car's weight

If your car is older, chances are the manufacturer used heavy-duty materials to make it. That can make it move slowly. Therefore, the car cannot stand out in racing while with heavy materials.

Your mechanic can reduce car weight by replacing parts like the trunk and hood with counterparts that are carbon fiber. That way, your car can fly down the race track with ease.

2. Upgrade the car's spark plugs. Spark plugs are vital engine components. If they are not functioning perfectly, they affect your vehicle's speed. A spark plug creates a spark that causes the air-fuel mixture to drive an engine. It makes an ignition needed to start and run a vehicle. Therefore, if the spark plugs wear out, your car will not perform as required until you replace them.

3. Upgrade your exhaust system. Do you know that by upgrading your exhaust system, you minimize restrictions in the engine? When there is ease of exhaust fumes flow, your engine functions well, thus boosting the car's performance.

4. Buy the new electric fans and replace the mechanical ones. Every car has a fan that pushes air via the radiator to ensure that the engine maintains a functional and cool temperature. If your vehicle is older and has mechanical fans, it is wise to replace them with new electric fans. That way, you will free up some of your car's horsepower. In return, your car will cruise down the race track at a faster speed.

5. Change the rims and tyres. Tyres make a difference in any racing event. That's because they are the only point of contact between your car and the road. Therefore, investing in quality and perfect tyres is the best modification you can perform to your vehicle. Through that, you will complete your lapses faster than all your racing competitors. You may also need to change the rims to enable wider tyres to fit for better traction. Talk to a qualified mechanic who will advise you on the best motorsport available for racers.

6. Engine ECU tuning. Most of the current car engines are under the control of a computer, better known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The engine control unit tracks the fuel amount that enters the engine cylinders and ignition timing. Therefore, the ECU boosts the performance of your car by ensuring the fuel efficiency balance, durability, and drivability of your vehicle.

7. Effective brakes. Many people often forget about brakes during the car modification process. How can you upgrade the car's speed and fail to think of how you will stop the car on a dime after completing your lap? Big brake kits are costly but worth the sweat.

Your car's performance depends on how well you maintain and modify your vehicle. It is crucial to ensure that every part of your car is up to standard before getting to car racing events. That includes the engine, exhaust system, tyres, brakes, spark plugs, suspensions, engine control unit, among other sections.

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