How to Avoid Blind Spots and Blind Spot Accidents

Jun 15, 2021 09:09 AM EDT | Ernest Hamilton

How to Avoid Blind Spots and Blind Spot Accidents

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Every driver knows about blind spots and how important it is to be mindful of their existence when driving. These are parts of the road that cannot be seen through the side or rearview mirrors, and they require that the person behind the wheel turns their head to determine whether there are vehicles there. It may be impossible to eliminate all blind spots, but there are certain actions you can take in order to reduce them.

Adjust the Mirrors

Whether you are driving your own car or someone else's, there is always the possibility that the mirrors are not set to your height and comfort. Don't start driving until you have taken the time to make sure that the mirrors are properly adjusted. You not only want to be able to see a driver that is directly in the back of your car, but you also want to be able to see more of the lane that is right next to you.

Well-placed mirrors will also serve to eliminate the glare from the headlights shining from the cars behind yours.

Don't Turn the Mirrors Towards Your Car

When a car's mirrors are turned inward, you will have to turn your head in an exaggerated way to see what is in your blind spots before being able to move over to the next lane. If it happens that at this moment, the vehicle that is in front of yours comes to a sudden stop, you will crash into it, causing a rear-end collision.

Get Used to Driving with Properly Set Mirrors

If you have gotten into the habit of getting in your car and driving off without checking your mirrors, it may be necessary for you to go through an adjustment period and get used to doing this every time you get in the car. Once you do, you will appreciate the fact that you will no longer have to make exaggerated head turns when checking cars around you. You will now be able to put your energy into being a more careful driver.

Be Aware of Other Drivers' Blind Spots

Remember that everyone suffers from the same issues with blind spots. Pay particular attention to large trucks around you because they can easily be responsible for accidents that result in severe injuries.

Become a Defensive Driver

You cannot count on all drivers around you being careful when they drive. It is up to you to be a defensive driver, assuming that other drivers may act recklessly. Take the time to drive carefully in order to avoid becoming a victim of their recklessness.

Have you been injured in a blind spot accident?

If you have suffered injuries and property damage due to a blind spot accident, it is important to have your injuries looked at by a medical professional right away. Also, talk to a truck lawyer in WY about your case. You may need to file a lawsuit against whoever is responsible. It may be the truck driver, their employer, or the drivers of other cars involved in the collision. Your lawyer will explain the types of damages you might expect in order to deal with your injuries and recover the income you might have lost by being unable to return to work.

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