How This Additive Can Help Fuel Manufacturers Go Green

Jan 29, 2021 10:08 AM EST | Staff Reporter

How This Additive Can Help Fuel Manufacturers Go Green

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Greenhouse gas emissions and the need for clean energy has become a key concern for governments everywhere. Governments plan on gradually reducing vehicle emissions, and the auto industry has responded to the challenge over the years by developing hybrid powertrains and energy-efficient designs. 

A particularly interesting area of research has involved fuel additives that have the potential to reduce emissions.

These days, additives driven by cutting-edge nanotechnology have been making waves, none more so than the one developed by startup FuelGems. Here's how this innovative startup's product is poised to change the fuel manufacturing industry.

Reduces Emissions

As founder Kirill Gichunts explains, "FuelGems makes fuel [gasoline, diesel, biofuel], burn more efficiently and completely. The reduction in the rate of exhaust pollutants like particulate matter reduction of 6% and unburnt hydrocarbons reduction of 50% means these gasoline particles are burned up instead of expelled from the engine."

According to FuelGems' test data, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 15%, CO2 emissions by 8%, and unburnt hydrocarbons by 50%. 

The reduction in unburnt hydrocarbons is particularly significant. The internal combustion process isn't the most efficient, and as a result, fuel particles and other chemicals remain unburnt. These unburnt hydrocarbons are carcinogens and are responsible for heart disease and cancer. They form the majority of vehicle exhaust smoke, and reducing their presence goes a long way towards making the world a safer place.

Increased Efficiency

One of the best ways of reducing internal combustion engine emissions is to improve their efficiency. If engines burn fuel better, the amount of exhaust emissions they produce reduces. FuelGems directly addresses this problem by improving engine efficiency by up to 9%.

For example, if an untreated car achieves 30 miles per gallon, adding FuelGems to the gas tank will increase its mileage to 32.7 miles per gallon. "It might not seem like much, but if you factor this for trucks that do 5 miles per gallon, or ships or trains, it can be very impactful," explains Gichunts

Supply chain vehicles account for a significant portion of vehicle-related emissions. Not only are these vehicles less fuel-efficient than household vehicles, but they're also used with greater frequency. Improving their mileage goes a long way towards reducing emissions and making the world a safer place.

Reduces Corrosive Effects

A major cause for decreased fuel efficiency is the corrosive effects regular fuel has on internal combustion engines. FuelGems estimates that modern fuels are up to 70% more corrosive than their predecessors. The reason for this dates back to 2000 when the EPA approved the sale of ethanol-blended diesel fuels.

These days most gasoline sold in the United States contains 10% ethanol. Ethanol is hygroscopic, which means it attracts moisture. Moisture, either in the form of air or water, has corrosive effects on metal, and this damages engine efficiency. 

The problem isn't just with engines. Fuel pumps and delivery systems also suffer from corrosion due to ethanol. FuelGems' additive enhances lubrication, thereby increasing engine and fuel pump lifecycles. 

FuelGems' nanoparticles burn inside the engine and pose no threat to the diesel particulate filter. The additive is easy to use and is safe for the engine, without impacting vehicle warranties. By blending the additive at the wholesale level, the entire fuel supply chain benefits from the increased efficiency that FuelGems brings to the process.

Better Fuel Differentiation

A common problem refineries face is differentiating their fuel from the products developed by their competitors. Fuel is viewed as a commodity that doesn't provide any enhanced value to the customer. We've become accustomed to thinking of fuel in terms of the price at which it's sold.

Using FuelGems' additive will help wholesale fuel manufacturers bring real value to the table. Not only can refineries and manufacturers point to reduced emissions and corrosive effects, but they can also point to the savings their customers will realize at every stage of their supply chain.

Every industry utilizes vehicles as a part of its supply chain, and FuelGems can improve its efficiency every step of the way. Current fuel additives only offer engine cleaning ability. FuelGems' additive is a game changer that drives real efficiency in the fuel distribution and manufacturing process.

Reduced Emissions, Higher Profits

Fuel is an expensive product, and everyone wants to save money using it. FuelGems helps drive real savings. While the likes of Chevron and BP offer fuel additives in their products, they're expensive to use and don't offer the same benefits as FuelGems does.

Aside from reducing fuel consumption, fuel wholesalers need to add FuelGems' additive that contains just 1 to 3 grams of their nanoparticles for 260 gallons of fuel. The additional cost works out to 2 cents per gallon, which is negligible given current fuel prices. As a result, users can achieve an ROI of 700% while cutting emissions and complying with government norms.

Given these numbers, it's no surprise that Gichunts views bulk distributors of fuel as one of the biggest beneficiaries of FuelGems' innovative product. "Our goal is for refineries to add the additive to fuel at a wholesale level," he says. "We are also looking to target fleets, distribute via ride-sharing companies, automotive store chains, and logistics-based retailers like Amazon."

In Conclusion

FuelGems is a perfect example of innovation making our world more sustainable and driving profits for everyone who uses fuel. Over 170 countries have declared their intention to end fossil fuel dependence. However, many countries lag behind the curve, and it's projected that in the U.S. by 2030, gasoline powered cars still account for nearly 80% of the market.

A solution is needed urgently, and FuelGems' revolutionary technology is the best choice.

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