Who Makes Ironman Tires?

Jan 14, 2021 12:48 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Who Makes Ironman Tires?

There is little doubt that prehistoric humans benefited immensely from the invention of the wheel. Early humans fitted wheels to carts to transport both themselves and heavy objects. By 1839 rubber vulcanization turned the material into coverings that could be placed over wheels to improve their durability and ride. The 19th century also saw those wheel coverings became an invaluable component of the new motorized vehicles known as automobiles. By the 20th century, manufacturers such as Ironman had come to dominate the world of cars, trucks, and other wheeled vehicles.

All-American Lineage

The word "Ironman" suggests durability and strength. Many products, such as a wristwatch brand, also carry that name. There are also strength contests and a world-famous triathlon race with that word as part of their title and heritage. The same durability and long-lasting strength suffuse Ironman Tires. This maker also boasts a long lineage in American tire-making lore. The company itself is a division of Hercules Tire & Rubber Company of Findlay, Ohio. The Buckeye State is also known as the American home of several well-known tire brands.

Creating Value for Customers

In keeping with its Ohio roots, Hercules and its Ironman value division are both parts of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company empire. This American manufacturer calls Findlay home as well. Cooper has more than 60 different manufacturing, design, production, and sales facilities worldwide. Because its variously named divisions and products are in a universe of store chains, Cooper gives Ironman the kind of value backing other tire-makers can't match.

Durable and Budget-Friendly

Due to its association with Cooper and Hercules, Ironman tires offer both durability and value to budget-conscious buyers. The company splits production of its offerings between its Findlay factory and plants overseas, such as in Asia, and then imports those into the United States. However, its design and quality control requirements are thoroughly American, and Ironman builds its products with American roads and driving conditions in mind.

Performance Offerings

For a company that delivers value in high amounts, Ohio-based Ironman also provides a lineup of performance-oriented rubber that looks stylish and grips the road with tenacity. Handling is sharp, and grip and traction on dry surfaces rival some of the top offerings from many premium brands. Like any performance tire, though, don't expect incredible stickiness or traction on snowy or too wet surfaces. It's better to think of a performance tire as a "summer tire" than anything else, and the arrival of damp or snowy weather in the fall and winter call for one of Ironman's all-season products more than anything else.

Test Driving Ironman

It's essential to get a feel for the Ironman brand when it goes on a car, truck, or SUV because it boasts of such a strong heritage. Not surprisingly, given its name, Ironman's value-priced products deliver when it comes to quieting road noise as well as ensuring high levels of comfort. Daily driving in all conditions finds good steering, acceleration, and braking or stopping power. The tire controls skidding in wet conditions equally as well, and there's almost nothing to dislike about a brand that cares as much about your car and your driving needs as you do.

Value and Performance

Some states and the cities within them are known for making cars, such as Detroit, Michigan. However, Ohio boasts of being both the home of the airplane and aviation, with the legendary Wright brothers, and the American hub for domestic tire-making. To be sure, Ironman Tires as a brand may be considered more for value and budget than performance. There's no doubt, however, that the company benefits from its ownership by Hercules and Cooper. Ironman as a tire brand, then, will deliver more than enough all-season and pure flat-out performance to satisfy almost any buyer on the hunt for the right tire at a reasonable price.

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