Avi Benezra Discusses Automotive Chatbots for the Motor Industry

Dec 10, 2020 09:30 PM EST | Ernest Hamilton


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CTO of the company SnatchBot, Avi Benezra and his brother Henri Benezra CEO have stepped up their game recently and have evolved immensely in creating chatbots with a high range of Artificial Intelligence. Avi Benezra explained that, "We have seen that using Automotive chatbots for the motor industry can be of great use and there has been proof of that, with well known companies already using them."

The scary drop that businesses had to face

With the current situation of the pandemic, many industries have experienced a massive drop in sales, including the automotive industry. In the U.S, there was a 38% drop recorded in March this year because of less consumers buying. Not only that, but business hours have changed rapidly in order to adjust to the current situation, which has made it even harder for companies to operate.

Avi Benezra explained that, "Chatbots can actually be useful because they can be programmed to consult with clients at any given hour and can be just as informative as a human salesperson."

With the current situation of the pandemic, many shoppers are choosing to browse online and are using social media platforms in order to ask general inquiries. This is why Henri Bevezra and Avi Benezra believe that having Whatsapp Business chats can be a benefit for many companies, because it is a popular form of communication.

Why use Whatsapp business chat?

There are currently over 2 billion Whatsapp users across the globe, with 1.6 billion users being active on this app monthly. A new record has been made in February 2020, that Whatsapp has been downloaded 96 million times.

There are no limits to using Whatsapp, meaning that automotive companies can get on board with this form of communication and can use features such as building a business profile, collecting and analyzing necessary data and even set up important automated messages for customers.

Avi Benezra stated, "It's a new and innovative approach that all companies will have to get on board with. We are now living in a digital age where there are expectations from our society to be up to date with the most modernized forms of communications."

Ways that chatbots can help

Many clients are now shopping with an ecologically conscious mindset and it has become a trend to buy lighter cars and even hybrid cars, instead of the classic SUVs. This has resulted in clients asking even more questions than ever, which can sometimes be time consuming for a salesperson, especially if they have multiple tasks to complete in a day.

Avi Benezra has pointed out that chatbots can be the answer to this, because SnatchBot has specifically created bots that have NLP and AI, which means that clients are able to have an in-depth conversation with automotive chatbots. On top of that, automotive companies are able to track conversations through a straightforward system where each interaction a bot has had has an allocated number, meaning that data can be exported and conversations can be monitored accordingly.

Avi Benezra stated, "All conversations between customers and bots are safe and secure. Just like humans, chatbots have to comply with GDPR procedures in order to ensure that all information is confidential."

Even though chatbots cannot replace every staff member, they can actually help save money and time for automotive businesses. Henri Benezra and Avi Benezra strongly believe this, because chatbots can easily be tailored and programmed to the needs of any company. Avi Benezra explained that, "Chatbots can provide the free time that staff members need and can even be programmed with templates that fit with the businesses' guidelines."

According to Avi Benezra, another reason why chatbots can be efficient as tools in the automotive industry is because bots can actually extract the data necessary in order to create marketing campaigns.

Avi Benezra explains that, "Using chatbots can help create a tailored and personalised marketing campaign that a client would be most attracted to. Businesses can use this in order to understand trends better and save themselves from creating campaigns that may have no effect at all."

It is another effective method of saving money and it allows businesses to truly understand what the customers really need. It is now harder to maintain a customer's retention, therefore creating advertisements that are more personalised can attract wider attention, which can later result in automotive companies generating new leads.

Both Henri and Avi Benezra have pointed out that by using the latest technologies such as chatbots in the motor industry can actually help extract the necessary information needed in order to stay on track with the latest trends, which is now eco-friendly cars. Avi Benezra advised that, "By monitoring the most frequently asked questions by customers, this can help put things into perspective for a business and can even save them from any losses or bankruptcy, because they will still have a chance to change things around."

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