Learn How To Use FinCrew.my To Compare Auto Insurance Rates Easily In Malaysia

Dec 09, 2020 11:21 PM EST | Ernest Hamilton

Learn How To Use FinCrew.my To Compare Auto Insurance Rates Easily In Malaysia

(Photo : Learn How To Use FinCrew.my To Compare Auto Insurance Rates Easily In Malaysia)

When it comes to taking out or renewing insurance on your automobile in the country, most Malaysian vehicle owners generally have one requirement they prioritize; that the auto insurance policy is as pocket-friendly as possible. After all, the policy coverage doesn't do anyone much benefit if it's really good, but no one can afford it.

Owing to this factor, it is therefore not much of a surprise that most vehicle owners are constantly on the hunt for the best policy package with the most affordable premium rates. However, to be able to sift through the hundreds of policy packages that several insurance companies launch almost daily, the ability to compare and contrast, weigh pros and cons with valid, legit information is pivotal.

Auto Insurance Comparison in Malaysia

An insurance provider that has really stepped up when it comes to providing reliable and easy to use automobile insurance comparison services in Malaysia remains the FinCrew.my platform. Even though there are several comparison sites in operation within the country today, Founded, wholly owned by NickMetrics group, FinCrew.my quickly distinguishes itself from its many counterparts in a lot of ways. One aspect they differ from the other comparison websites is the speed with which they provide a quote for you, once you've supplied your information. It takes less than 5 minutes to supply you a detailed quote from the moment you enter your specifics and place a request.

This is a considerably faster result time, compared to the others. Another impressive way FinCrew.my distinguishes itself is how quickly the platform updates its database. It is one of the few platforms in service that can detect one-month-old cars in the system.

How To Use FinCrew.my To Get Auto Insurance Quote

A particularly appealing thing about the FinCrew.my platform is how convenient and easy to use the platform is. The user interface is perfectly designed in a way that allows individuals familiar with that level of technology handle their affairs with an economy of fuss. More than that, however, the website's simple structure and layout design allow even people who aren't very tech-savvy or haven't tried comparison shopping in the past to find their way with ease.

The process is essentially straightforward and free of complexities. It starts with a step you'd expect; inputting your vehicle information into the allotted sections on the platform. Without this, FinCrew.my cannot begin the process of comparison shopping or even accessing data like your No Claims Discount (NCD) details. It only takes 60 seconds. Providing your data is a standard step that is followed by all comparison platforms.

Once you have supplied the necessary information, FinCrew.my will get back to you in a matter of minutes with a stipulated amount payable for your road tax as well as your insurance. The method through which the platform gets in touch with you is contingent on whatever channel of contact you choose. From here, if you are satisfied with what you see, you can opt to proceed to make payment. If however, you don't like what you see, you can become more precise with your search requests.

Fine Tuning Your Search On FinCrew.my

Customizing your search on this platform has been made very convenient. All you need to do is locate the option for "Coverage Type" and "Sum Insured". Once you've located and changed these functions, you are then able to choose between the Third Party, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Comprehensive insurance packages.

FinCrew.my explains what these packages are in detail, so you have a working idea of what you're looking at. Furthermore, you're also given information on the current market value of your vehicle. This serves to better inform your actions and decisions. You are then given an extensive list of insurers and the option of choosing any of these companies and then requesting their quote.

After that, you'll receive another missive from FinCrew.my giving you recommendations on the best package for you based on price. For an even more thorough comparison layout, you can access information on several add-ons, road tax and towing, to mention a few.

How Long Does The Auto Insurance Quote Take?

The length of time the entire comparison process takes is entirely dependent on how in-depth and extensive you want to get with your search. If you're carrying out a basic, cursory search, it doesn't take more than a few minutes at the most to input your data and receive the most accurate and appropriate results. The entire search and result delivery process have been highly simplified and streamlined to ensure that the entire journey is smooth and seamless for users. In addition to this, user safety and privacy are also considered and effectively protected.

All in all, the FinCrew.my platform perfectly combines the best aspects of using an auto insurance agent with the ease and convenience of transacting online. The usage of the FinCrew.my platform is highly recommended to all vehicle owners.

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